Tall Forest Pine Trees Ocean water with realistic 3 months ago   07:44

Luke Towan
Pine trees are found all over the world which makes them a great tree to model on any model railroad or model diorama.

In this tutorial I’ll show you a simple yet very realistic way of making pine trees that you might see walking through a dense forest, with long trunks and lush dark green canopies these trees will look fantastic no matter where you plant them on your layout.

The trees in this video are made to HO scale however the technique as with nearly all of my other tutorials applies easily to any other scale.

For more information and a list of materials go and check out http://www.bouldercreekrailroad.com and you’ll find all the additional information there as well as many other articles and videos.

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Luke Towan

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Nadia Arias
Hola.. puedes dar lista de materiales ??
Michelle Lawrence
Wow this is just Awesome, and great to watch you do it😍😍😍
Yuda Yushendri
Nice work Luke! I always admire your works. I followed this particular tutorial of yours for N-scale and I've made about 20 of them. Thank you for this tutorial!
Noah Linnik
Gurl No
I saw the dog!
Great tutorial.
Dean Chen
Me............Ok...... 2:47 job done.....beer time......bye.👍
Jenny Marie Molina
Loved this tutorial 💕
Rick souzaah
rafaella baglioli
Hello Luke I'm Rafaella from Brazil and I'm in love to your work it's fantastic. I'm not been able to find out the materials you said it would be at the web site. Can u pls help me with a link or smtg I'm really into trying to see if it's possible to me doing it. Cheers
I like trees. :)
Really enjoy your videos. Great stuff
What the name of this art called
eBob Miniatures
Dog? what dog! I didn't see it all!
emanuele colosio
Bellissimi bravo.................
Luiz Marques
It didnt wortk for me at all. The coco fiber was so hardly glued that was impossible to strecht. Now I realize you just used a scissor. I had to saw. A big waste of time : (((((((((((
You make it look so easy.
Oscar Cauchois
I saw the collie 4times
md sumon
খুব ভালো লাগলো
Wow it's real
Hi. Great tutorial
i have the problem that fall is in my house and once finished the trees (they look awesome) "leaves" start to fall. The most if I shake them. What can I do?
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Ocean water with realistic Tall Forest Pine Trees 3 months ago   11:48

How to make REALISTIC ocean or lake water with wave effect low cost & EASY, using toilet paper and glue. Unlike many other methods, you don´t need to be an skilled artist to get a realistic water effect. Perfect for your model railroad / Railway, RPG miniature terrain, tabletop fantasy or diorama scenery.

Hur man gör havs- eller sjövatten med vågor billigt och LÄTT med hjälp av toalettpapper och lim. Till skillnad från många andra metoder behöver du inte vara en skicklig konstnär att få till ett realistiskt resultat.