Donald Trump does double 'They smoke crack...' Being 1 week ago   00:37

The Independent
Donald Trump has sparked fresh controversy by greeting supporters with a double fist-pump gesture while arriving in Pennsylvania ahead of a memorial service for the September 11th attacks.

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John Knox
Who else searched up 9/11 memes and ended up here?
Idiots Guide To:

Suzy Siviter
The independent used to be a good newspaper at one time?, now they are about as valid as the "Daily sport".
I'm not the biggest fan of Trump but Jesus Christ do people get wound up over the smallest things he does.
mikhael go
Omg Trump is spontaneous and confident. That’s not allowed! He must cut off his manhood and act like a sheep because it offends non confident ppl
Dean Quinn
This is fucking ridiculous. If Trump breathes it's considered "controversial". Get over yourselves.
Ashraf Ahmed
Typical righty, no respect
Where exactly was that plane debris located again? I know the hole in the ground is in shenksville, but where was the plane? Never saw a plane part. Where was the plane?
He lands at an airport and greets a cheering crowd... how was this spun into something else?
He was just greating the crowd jeez
Maureen Welch
I LOATHE Trump. But in this case, yes, the headlines about double pump at 9/11 ceremonies were erroneous. The Moron In Chief gets excited about any adoring crowds/etc. he has and probably had an uncontrollable(albeit tiny and thus unnoticed)erection.
Fist pumping the crowd's enthusiasm as he greats them. CNN bunch of a-holes.
Janet Airlines
Love trump! I'm so happy we finally have a president not owned by the crooked establishment.
MyLittleDashie 7
Christ where are the reasonable people in these comments. Everyone's either calling the man a scumbag, or acting as though this is a totally socially acceptable thing to do.

Can we not meet in the middle and agree it's not exactly the most clever thing to do before a 9/11 ceremony, but that it's also not like the guy got out a spin clacker and a vuvuzela *during* the ceremony. It's a tone deaf move, and you shouldn't do it, but it's not the end of the world.
Where’s the rest of the video?
Brooke R
Fist bumps, looks like he’s at a football game. Go planes! Oh no, the towers are intercepting their touch down!
Precious Richardson
This black woman from L.A loves trump.
Precious Richardson
Go trump. Go trump. 2020 mudafucka
Precious Richardson
Love the enthusiasm. MAGA
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'They smoke crack...' Being Donald Trump does double 1 week ago   02:38

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