LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER Top 10 College Prospects In The 2019 NBA Draft 6 months ago   12:55

LaMelo Ball & Spire won 113 - 67 against a team who's crowd was heckling and chanting overrated to Melo whole time.
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Comments 1697 Comments

Flip Crews
Shut the kid up please.
WarBoyz 95
Someone shut that squeaker up.
Static Og
Kid:show off
Lamelo:hold my three
David Vega
Small town losers also checked out there football record on max preps they sucks at that too
Jordan Cross
Barely 40 seconds in and melo makes a nice dish out of a euro step and these parents who probably ain't played a second of basketball themselves callin a travel smdh
Xavier Hess
And why they try to do stuff like they something, no one knows who you are you guys are obviously dodo down 40 don’t try to fight bruh.
Xavier Hess
“That’s a travel” lmao I’m dead you guys are down 25-50 and you’re an idiot. “Show off” I would too if I was the best hs player in the country I’m not gonna practice it if I don’t use it
You know yo son and his team gettin they ass BEAT when you start cheering for dirty plays and fouls. LMMFAO!😂😂😂😂
To all my black people... If you ever need a laugh and just hate racism, come watch this😂😂😂😂
Anthony Yuen
That little kid is such a squeaker
Luke Lynn
I hope those people in the background see this video to see how annoying they are

Like if you agree
Nigga needs an award for that flop
Ivan Perales
lmao the white team struggling to make the 3s
Lamelo: makes layup
Lamelo: sits down for timeout
Old guy: TRAVEL
that girl getting on my last nerves
Austin Baller 21
That kid will not shut up
Böyle bir takımı yenmek için müdafâa değil daha fazla hücum daha fazla score lazım
TDS Xephr
whose the hoe near the camera she mad annoying
Astrophenotype Tao
I see lynch mobs still exist
*So Many School Shooter* 🗣🤣🤦‍♂️
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Top 10 College Prospects In The 2019 NBA Draft LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER 6 months ago   13:34

A early preseason look at the top 10 college prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft