Michael Gove takes apart In full: Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, 1 day ago   11:24

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Michael Gove's speech in Parliament on the state of the Labour leadership before the Government won a vote of no-confidence.

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Bhangra Fan
If Gove wants to do something about Jihadist terror he can turn against Qatar. The Qataris were responsible for the murder of 2000 Americans on 9/11. It is quite plain, and has been quite plain from the start that KSM who organised the 9/11 attacks was an agent of senior inner members of the Qatari Royal family. The evidence was all there in the original 9/11 commission report but was buried in its pages. KSM was arrested in 2003 and there is still no sign of when he will stand trial. Everything about his case is shrouded in abnormally high secrecy and the case keeps getting kicked into the long grass. How can his case be so sensitive when he has been in isolation for 16 years and entire generations of jihadists have come and gone since? I have read that he may still be being subjected to regular torture in which case it is clear someone is hoping he will die of a heart attack before he ever comes to trial.
Bhangra Fan
Gove's comments on Jihadist terror simply perpetuate the lies which the public, ignorant of the facts keep being peddled. Sunni extremists have been cultivated by the west and it's strategic allies since the late 1970s. First we worked with Saudi & Pakistan to arm the worst,most reactionary groups in Afghan society, (Usama Bin-Laden himself was an important link in conveying US arms to Jihadists fighting the USSR). Later after the USSR withdrew, we left these two countries to look after our interests by excluding Soviet and Iranian influence from Afghanistan. This lead to the Taliban regime which grew up in Pakistan, and was helped to seize power in Afghanistan by the Pakistani military and Saudi money. Later when the removal of Saddam changed the regional balance of power between Shias & Sunnis creating a strong Iran-Iraq-Syria Shia axis, the Qataris and Saudis cultivated Sunni Salafist & jihadist extremists to kill Shias. This included ISIS as well as groups such as Ahrar-Asham (Qatar backed) and Jaysh-il-Islam (Saudi backed) fighting to establish a Salafist regime in secular, multicultural Syria. These Salafist organisations which believe in killing Shias because they are heretics have never been listed by the west as terrorists. Rather they have been used as a weapon against Assad and Iranian influence. The west has a racist policy on extremist Islamist groups; Salafists are good because they only kill Shia Arabs & Iranians, Jihadists are bad because they also want to kill white people. It may surprise you to know that neither the Saudis or the Qataris care about this distinction except in as much as it complicates relations with western powers, just as the Mujahideen of 1980s Afghanistan we armed make no distinction between the USSR and the US occupying muslim countries.
richard Davies
Starbucks 😂

If they paid up a bit of the old straight goers tax like the rest of us then they’d be still be sat sipping Heineken. We are thankful that they moved to London though. Really important to the whole of the UK that Mr Gove. Now when are you gonna fix that education system you ballsed up in your other previous role. Or sort out all them starbucks coffee cups going into landfill. I mean you are still environment secretary aren’t you?
Bhangra Fan
I never understand how it is acceptable for a member of the cabinet to belong to an organisation called 'Friends of Israel'? I doubt whether those who say it is ok would be happy to see a Defence Secretary belonging to 'Friends of Russia' or a Foreign Secretary belonging to 'Friends of China'. Israel's interests are not in any way, shape or form the same as Britain's interests.The UK needs to not take sides in other people's conflicts but to be an honest broker who can mediate. All this stinks of undue influence by a foreign power. I hear many stories of Tory MPs and ministers getting gifts from Israel and having holidays in Israel. It is clear that influence is being peddled. This is not something Gove should be boasting about.
Bhangra Fan
Just because the UK is the best place to be a millionaire or billionaire or major foreign investor, it does not mean it is a good place to be a normal member of the public. Years of deliberately destabilising the labour market means people have seen their pay conditions and prospects decline. They now expect their children and grand children to have worse lives than they had. People who once had careers now have 'jobs', people who once had jobs now have 'work', and people who once had work have now got 'zero hours contracts. Apparently this is something we should be pleased about. Life expectancy in the UK has stopped rising in the UK and may well be declining for the first time in 100 years, I have heard that it has already started to fall in the USA. Right wing Tories may have voted for Brexit because they don't like any higher authority looking over their shoulders, but the majority of the public who voted lived in poorer areas of the country where the system has not been working for them. It is no surprise to me that so many people voted for Brexit, just as it was no surprise so many people in the US voted for Trump with his anti-globalisation agenda. The bottom have are telling the top half they've had it and want change. Hence also a swing to Corbyn. The ruling class and the middle=classes in this country are living in a dream world.
Bhangra Fan
Gove says so many stupid things! Why do those who say they support 'our boys' always do the most to get them killed and maimed.
Bhangra Fan
If Corbyn is not fit to be PM how did he get the biggest swing to Labour since Attlee? All these Labour MPs who hate Corbyn are Blairites who hijacked the Labour party and adopted Tory policies. They are corrupt people who serve those who can pay their bills, not those who elect them, the City and global multinationals. They fear a Corbyn government will not give them the scope to stick their hands in the till or accept incentives from the City and multinationals. The top 50% of people in this country are totally out of touch with what is happening to the bottom 50%, they have turned their backs on social problems and wrapped themselves in a bubble of conspicuous bourgeois consumption.
Kai Williams
Sajid Javid, what a yesman lol "shocking"
Gove is slimy
Stephen Phillip
I've always held the view that Michael Gove "had the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a second-rate bank clerk". (with apologies to a certain MEP [Nigel Farage])
This starts to change my view of Michael Gove.
Maybe, someday...but no,
TheLone Stranger
Thank God May's gone! She has set the cause of Brexit back to the point almost beyond recovery!
Irene lawson Lawson
Two faced back stabbing little shit i would trust him if he was the last man on Earth.
Ozan Arayiz
Cuckservatives. They are treators as labour. UKIP only party we have
Bryan Battista
I can't look at Gove and not think POB!
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
Thanks for this. I just posted a message on why I and many Christian Americans believe why American politicians are going MAD! We live in crazy times for sure.
Just like all mp's who talk about the fishing industry from the brexit side, he fails to mention the declining stocks before the EU policy and the recovering stocks after...

No fish, no fishing industry... don't be fooled by this moron.
Stephen Brodigan
Political roasting as part of cermony - who doesn’t love the theartre of it and Gove, did well - look forward to the next one
MadLad Oye
I am no Conservative but look at the shit sitting opposite Gove there, a sea of sewage and Liars. Grinning Looking over at one another. Is it McDonnell therewith his arms crossed smiling ? hes pure shit and will be pushed over a cliff with
all traitors one day, we need a new way of thinking, Country first and the Left out forever.
Bob Ross
The English have always ruled the seas and two more Aircraft Carriers is very impressive!
John Hugh Merrington
Truly outstanding speech by Mr.Gove!
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In full: Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, Michael Gove takes apart 1 day ago   13:08

Speaking to ITV News in Brussels, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke of his "regret" after eight Labour MPs quit the party on Monday. He added it was "entirely logical" the eight should resign and if they wish to stand again there should be a by-election.

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson described the party's response to the defectors as a "knee-jerk" and "spiteful" reaction.

When asked about Mr Watson's comments the Labour leader told ITV News his raised the need for by-elections as a "democratic argument".

He said: "I don't behave in a knee-jerk or spiteful way, I simply say if you've been elected to Parliament on a manifesto for the many not the few, which you were in the General Election and you then resign from the party and say you're doing something else because you're an individual who happens to be an MP.

"Surely you owe something to the people that put you there?"

He added: "If you resign, have a by-election and decide whether you or somebody else will be the MP for that area. Surely that's democratic?"

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