Michael Gove takes apart Tom Bower’s Controversial Book Claims 1 day ago   11:24

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Michael Gove's speech in Parliament on the state of the Labour leadership before the Government won a vote of no-confidence.

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David Pearn
Gove don't know working class people, what a horrible little man
3:50 got me. Fuck you british people and your awesome humor! :D
Orion 7857
`The demolition of Corbyn'
neil middleton
Ron Ryan,that’s about the stupidest reply I ever heard,talk about sweeping generalisations.I just give up.
neil middleton
Bradley Cranfield
Game. Set. Match.
Kevin Leavey
What a bunch of pathetic philandering philocks ! What Empire bound school kids they are. The 21st Century moves inextricably & inexhaustibly on & on, Britannia sank many decades ago if only they but realised! This shit isn't going to bring jobs or wealth to a has been Empire!
It's just as well Grove had Parliamentary privilege otherwise the little twerp would have got his chops smacked. Given that he was punching well above his weight. A job well done I'm thinking because all of those mentioned needed taking down a peg or two. Very entertaining.... bicycle face.
Paul Warren
One selfservative failure after another..
Meir Wise
I'm not a Tory but that was one of the great speeches in the UK parliament of all time.
edward wigmore
Gove should be pm. NOT bumbling boris!!
David Dack
Revoke Article 50.
Michael McCullagh
‘COKE HEAD’..........🤪
Kai Thomas
He would have made a great prime minister
john pinson
got to admit what a speech...best i have heard for a long time
Fred Slice
John Tiegen ran away and left the Ambassador at the diplomatic mission and then claimed he was the hero of Benghazi.
Tom Damian
Is he sniffing coke with Ozzborne again?
paul castle
Fat bird stands up and talks crap .
Capt Whiskers
Seriously though,anyone without a chin should be banned from politics and breeding.
Capt Whiskers
It takes real courage to respect your betters in the UK. People like Gove who are so inbred that his chin forgot to materialise. How anyone can respect the upper class establishment Tories in 2019 is beyond me. The weakness and subservience of the stupid and morally corrupt has ruined this country.
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Tom Bower’s Controversial Book Claims Michael Gove takes apart 1 day ago   10:23

Author Tom Bower has written a book titled 'Dangerous Hero: Corbyn's Ruthless Plot For Power' which highlights reasons as to why the Labour leader would be 'unfit' to be Prime Minister. He is joined by Corbyn supporter Michael Segalov who challenges him on the book.
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Broadcast on 18/02/2019

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