Why I love Cebu | Philippine Travel Comparing Thailand and the Philippines As An Expat 1 day ago   17:44

Rob Brand
Visit http://www.beyondcebu.com/ for more travel information on Cebu Philippines. I have compiled my best travel videos in Cebu and the Philippines that I have made over the years. Hopefully you will see the beauty of this place, the wonderful friendly Filipinos and the amazing beautiful islands of the Philippines. Bantayan Island, Malapascua, Camotes, Sumilon Island, Badian, Kalanggaman and Bohol are fantastic tourist spots to visit in the Philippines.
This is my video travel guide to the very best of Cebu Philippines. If you plan to travel to the Philippines make sure this tropical island is on your list of islands to visit. For more on Cebu follow me on my blog at BeyondCebu.

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stephen cooke
what about long term what does a studio basic condo cost?
stephen cooke
the girl tour guide at 8 minutes in! Wow! I would go there just for her!
Robert Collier
brilliant video mate i love the Phlippines ive visited some of the places that you have videod and that was down to you ,i just wonderd if you have visited Vietnam i should love to visit there......keep the videos coming Briiliant
Wilfredo Creus
Wow!nice video,congrats!
Traveling On a Shoestring
Cebu looks stunning. This is my first video of yours I have ever seen but love how packed with good information your video was.
Made sure to subscribe. Also a travel vlogger so love getting inspiration from wherever I can
Andrew Farmkid
10:45 --- when your partner hits you on the right spot...
Andrew Farmkid
You're the best content creator for Cebu tours man. Your video contents looks very spectacular and also very informative. Man, I feel guilty that you don't put ads on your video...
Adventures of Gerald and Rhia
You don't have to enumerate a lot why you love Cebu. We believe you. ;)
Leroy B
Thanks for this invaluable guide. Wow so many hidden gems.
Cady Man
Yeah cebu is a very beautiful most especially the islands.i was there last week at bantayan island.and i made a little video for souviner
Julius Cabucos
Lang Chauvin
Wow, amazing places all around Cebu. Thumbs up.
excelent video... very helpful
Conner Tu
Excellent source of information. Thanks
Mactan Newtown
i live in mactan cebu.... i love to do a monthly contests for teens such as typhoon-resistant house design contest ... this will stimulate and bring science to Cebu .....i want to create a place in Cebu where its known for scientific contest.. someday
Natasha Banky
Very informative. This has given me a good idea of what is realistically available to do in and around Cebu. Thanks so much!
Super video! Thank you for sharing your video!
dale b
i think you covered almost all of Cebu's gem and the rest of the neighbouring islands in the visayas. great job mate !
Remigius Maphumulo
Hey Rod! thanx man for such an informative video, im certaily going there this July
Susan Labandero Jeppesen
I Loove cebu 2 💖🇵🇭
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Comparing Thailand and the Philippines As An Expat Why I love Cebu | Philippine Travel 1 day ago   13:26

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