5 SIGNS YOU'RE NOT GETTING ENOUGH 5 Types of Belly That Aren't 2 days ago   04:16

How to know if you have a vitamin deficiency? It can lead to many health problems. Without vitamins, we feel weak and apathetic and become an easy target for various viruses. All you need to do to determine if you’re getting enough vitamins is look in the mirror. The vitamin deficiency is usually literally written on your face. You can carry out your check-up while you’re watching this video.

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Pale skin 0:42
Puffy eyes 1:27
Colorless lips 2:01
Bleeding gums 2:38
Dry hair 3:23

- Few people can boast of having a tan year round. But if your skin has become completely white compared to how you usually look, this is a sign that you need vitamin B12.
- If you’ve noticed puffiness around your eyes and in your limbs, your body might be lacking iodine. Other signs that you have a lack of this nutrient are chronic fatigue, drowsiness, dry skin, and weight gain.
- Pale lips can be a sign that a person lacks iron. Low arterial pressure and regular colds can be further signs of this.
- Bleeding gums can indicate a lack of vitamin C. A reduced amount of this can lead to weak immunity, muscle pain, and problems with teeth.
- Dry, brittle hair covered in a significant amount of dandruff could be a sign that you lack biotin, known as vitamin B7. This is often the result of using antibiotics.

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Farhana Sakilan
Cetrum with lutein is good for health?
Mona Mobark
Wow JUST WOW I have Anemia and didn’t get treatment in over a year because of my dad
Sorry dad 😥
Anthony Daniels
I just popped a b12 I didn’t realize I had a bottle in the drawer
Lalitha M
Eggs are all nutritional food
Wajid Ali
This all are causing by stress, which generated by thinking, laziness, poverty, stupidneess etc by genius
Bretts health tips
WOW it's great to find this kind of videos my partner suffered from vit d deficiency for 20 years up 2 the point of her losing hair..its took 20 years to find out what was wrong
Lyssa Fowler
I don’t like fish 🐟 I get really sick and my stomach hurts to
Lyssa Fowler
Who watched the movie that said oh right I’m dead I watched it last night
Kødak Black
I need all of these 😭😟
Vai Moylan
Too many doctors equals confusion. Lol
Gift Okeke
thanks a lot
... pale skin? But some people who put sunscreen on their face everyday can be pale for example I’m a light tan not super dark but more on the light side and I put sunscreen on my face it can make a difference
Thomas R
2:05 what's that movie?
Ajinkya Dhoble
How to increase human growth hormones??
K A R M A is B I T C H
I'm healthy
बात पते की | Baat pate ki
thanks a lot, this really helped me a lot...
Marie Shupe
Eat Healthy and a wide array of fruits, veggies, meats, & seafood, and you'll be healthy, & don't over consume any food or drink because that's not Healthy as well!!!!!!😄😄😬😬🙋🙋💙💙💖💖😮😮
I believe I have puffy eyes? I mean, I feel sleepy too sometimes during the day. Even though I sleep early.
I naturally have pale skin but now I look completely translucent
I stopped eating a lot of meat cause I was being “Vegan”
In general I’m anemic
99% of everything I need to eat is not vegan friendly
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5 Types of Belly That Aren't 5 SIGNS YOU'RE NOT GETTING ENOUGH 2 days ago   08:33

How to lose belly fat? A big belly isn’t always caused by excess weight. Lots of reason cause this problem, and there are lots of solutions that can solve this. In summer, all of us want to look perfect. However, sometimes, our bellies don’t seem to reduce in size despite our best efforts. We sought the advice of James Duigan, a star coach who trained Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and learned the most common causes of growth around the waist.

"Love handles" 0:31
How to get rid of "love handles" belly 0:51
Stress belly 1:49
Effective ways to get rid of stress belly 2:16
Low belly 3:32
Brilliant ways to get rid of low belly 3:50
Mommy’s belly 4:44
How to get rid of mommy’s belly 5:34
Inflated belly 6:42
Easy ways to get rid of inflated belly 6:58

- "Love handles". You have folds on your sides. And it’s usually caused by sedentary lifestyle, sweet tooth, excess alcohol consumption, lots of sugar and refined carbs or starchy carbs.
- Stress belly. The fat is concentrated around the belly button, and the belly is thick, not loose. Here are the factors that cause it: chronic stress, skipping meals, drinking lots of coffee, irritable bowel syndrome.
- Low belly
How does it look? You’re slim, but your lower belly protrudes a bit. You should know that it might be caused by recent motherhood, monotonous and overly exertive exercise, unchanging diet, spinal curvature.
- Mommy’s belly. After giving birth, the belly looks like you’re pregnant again. It’s better to have a rest of 2-3 months after giving birth before taking up exercise. Don’t rush to the gym – now it’s better to spend time with your baby.
- Inflated belly
Your stomach is flat in the morning but grows during the day, regardless of whether you have excess weight. It’s caused by food allergy, sluggish bowels, intestinal flora imbalance.

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