20 Years Later: Rwanda's Economic Kwibohora 20: Celebrating 20 years of liberation 2 months ago   50:20

Stanford Graduate School of Business
In an interview with Stanford GSB Professor Renee Bowen, President Paul Kagame discusses leading Rwanda through economic and social growth over the 20 years since the 1994 genocide.

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Kwibohora 20: Celebrating 20 years of liberation 20 Years Later: Rwanda's Economic 2 months ago   2:59:21

This year is an important milestone in Rwanda's history. The twentieth commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi has seen Rwandans and friends from around the world come together to remember, unite and renew. Telling the world about the causes, reality and consequences of the genocide was at the core of Kwibuka20. The genocide was stopped by the Rwandan Patriotic Front, and on 4 July 2014, Rwanda will mark twenty years since liberation (Kwibohora20), honour those who fought in struggle for freedom and dignity in Rwanda and look to the future with hope, optimism and a renewed commitment to Agaciro (dignity), self reliance and shared human values.

In the aftermath of the genocide, Rwandans made three important choices -- to stay together, to be accountable and to think big. These decisions have been at the core of the country's ongoing renewal and efforts to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Kwibohora20 is an opportunity to share this story and learn about Rwanda's vision for a peaceful, prosperous and self-reliant nation.