Kangaroo & Radical Honesty Measles & HIV/AIDS, B Adventures Live 2 days ago   10:03

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Local kangaroo, Radical Honesty (get what you want), Anthony Bourdain, new Casio G-Shock watch, & driving on the left side of the road. Australia Vlog 67.

Beyond Blue (help with depression & anxiety)

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.

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Nice ride with you 😊
Steven Szabo
I was hoping you were going to box with the Kangaroo! ;-) LOL.
Travelling Memories
like 49, wow beautiful, Kangaroo, intresting point of view
Look at our leaders are they ‘ honest ‘ ?
Is HR being strait with you ?
Vexing questions , with disappointment for an answer.
Great to see your vids. In Canada now... tough here ... negative culture vibes!!
Gordon French
Anthony Bourdain was a legend. May he Rest In Peace. I guess you will be the next Archieluxury when you review the G-shock watch minus the f-bombs. Lol 😂
Good to see you back.
John Lease
Manual transmission!
The Journey
That Kangaroo couldnt decide if he wanted to attack or not lol
stacy stevens
Your a straight shooter no bullshitting in you, thank you for your PI informative videos. I where a Seiko divers watch auto wind, yep no batteries never stopped ticking in 10 yrs and same rubber band. Been good too me, I will google the G Shock see what makes it desirable. TY again your Brave as well traveling the PI alone in my opinion. Best Wishes too you.
ricky usa
Honesty is usually a good thing. What's your opinion on how to handle the toughest question in the world.... when the girl you recently started dating asks "does my butt look fat in these jeans?"
Glenn Wheeler
Right, you are B. Honesty is always the best policy.
Che espiritu
Do Australians know right away whether it’s a kangaroo or a wallaby?(I personally got confused before but I googled it just now😁).Nice advice about radical honesty and I guess I could agree before on a certain blogger citing that Filipinos have that character of being very conscious not to hurt other people but at the expense of being dishonest.I agree with you, we still need to say the truth though it hurts or who knows it could even be the truth that someone wants to hear.Honesty is the best policy still holds true.Thanks for vlogging!Cheers to more!
j l
Classic vlogs as always 😍
I have caught a bad disease here in El Nido hopefully I’ll get better as it’s time to come home to Australia soon 😟
Angelo Da Conceicao
Anonthy Burdain so sad watch his vedeo everyday
Dan Granada
Have good day bro love watching video ☺☺☺ cool watch see u on the next one be safe craful
Is that another way to save money? Eating ramen noodles?
Justin Bell
Brandon why your dashcam is on the side instead to the front? Anyways, thanks for sharing your story.. ❤🇵🇭
Arthur Santi
thx for sharing
michael j
Great advice . Nice vlog as always
Jalan jalan TV
Thats my buddy 😁
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Measles & HIV/AIDS, B Adventures Live Kangaroo & Radical Honesty 2 days ago   3:06:52

Q&A Live Show 4, 10-March-2019. Topics:
Measles Outbreak in Philippines, SE Asia & Australia.
HIV/AIDS Epidemic Philippines.
Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray’s Open Letter to All Women.
Intel CPU's fighting MELTDOWN & SPECTRE security issues.
New AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU's coming 2019.
StarCraft Computer Game Remastered.

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B Adventures, Australian Travel Vlogger.
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