Metalachi- BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY music queen moments 1 day ago   07:55

Metalachi: The World's First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi band takes on the musical opus Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen with special cameo by comedian/actor Felipe Esparza.

Bohemian Rhapsody is off the bands third album TRES, available November 11th 2018 across all major digital platforms and at

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Metalachi is:
Vega De LaRockha- Lead Vocals
El Cucuy- Trumpet
Paco Halen- Guitar
"Queen" Kyla Vera- Violin
Kiko Cane- Guittaron
Warren Moscos- MC

----------- Full Credits:
Director: Michael Estrella
Producers: Eric Travis, Michael Estrella, Mateo Valadez
Editor: Henry Arres
Director of Photography: Yon Thomas
Assistant Director: Sean Frede
1st Assistant Camera: Ajiri Akpolo
Key Grip: Cammeron Hudson
Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch
Electric: Kevin Gotch
Art Dept: Ryan Lisbey
Art Dept: Ted Keffer
Camera Equipt: Andy Cordos

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Metalachi is noticeably short on metal.
Ramond Ferreal
Expected to cringe but ended up watching over and over.
alessandro taddei
Es una broma?
roberto glez
Excelente! A la mierda los naco-corridos.
Ken H
No originality. Make your own metaliachi music.
This renews my faith in humanity
Dr. Dread of the Great Horror Library
Metal meets mariachi? Interesting......
Tre Dutch
I pinche love this band!!! Chicano power!!!! ✊🏽🤘🏼
Remigio Hernandez
k pex con su p**a vida
Sin City Metal Vids
That was amazing! Now I want some tacos.
Awesome! Saw them last night! Super great show!! C w 2 c them again!
Keith Tipton
That spikey bustier on the violinist!
Joe Lujan
Guillermo Hena
Man, as the Mexican I am, I feel really proud of this you're excellently doing... simply beautiful, thumbs up all the way. 👍
Olo Sabandija
Cabrones, you nailed it, les quedó chingón
New Lion
Beckoning Oblivion
1:10 the delivery on "homeboy" made me fucking wheeze. God this is so perfect.
Maarch Twain
Made en México
Jorge Garcia
Buena rola copiandole a queens
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queen moments Metalachi- BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY music 1 day ago   13:54

just some queen moments put together and edited rly badly

hope y'all still enjoy it xx