LightningFast RC: Model Rocket Car Drag RECREATING the MYTHBUSTERS ROCKET CAR (with 3 months ago   03:42

LightningFast Rc
LightningFast RC is back with more rocket cars! Most of this video was from a school project, repurposed for Youtube. Anyway, I lot of fun doing this one, so I hope you enjoy! From LightningFast RC, creators of the coolest, fastest, and best untethered rocket cars around!

I really enjoy making these videos, so all feedback is accepted. I like to get some constructive criticism because I always want to make the viewing experience for the viewer as good as possible.

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Andy BlinkBlink
10/10 :D
Vanessa C.
Nice video! If you want to collab, you should totally check out!
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RECREATING the MYTHBUSTERS ROCKET CAR (with LightningFast RC: Model Rocket Car Drag 3 months ago   13:26

David, Henrik, Johanna and Sylvia try to recreate the epic Mythbusters episodes where Adam and Jamie convert a full size Chevy Impala to RC, strap some rockets on it and try to get the car going so fast that it becomes airborne.
We don't quite have that kind of budget so we settled for a 1:10 scale HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car. The rocket used is the same as in the Rocket knife series. Providing 54kg (120lbs) of thrust for 0.4 seconds.
The car weighs about 2kg so you can imagine the results.
After the first failure David mixes a slower burning charge which makes the car controllable under rocket power!

In the end I think we came pretty close to recreating the original Mythbusters episodes. Enjoy!

Link to the HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car used in the episode:

Watch how the rocket was made:

Music used in this episode:

Delicate Space by Neilcross - From