It's Kind of Weird Being Talking with Styxhexenhammer666 2 days ago   09:05

The person you see on your screen is a two dimensional image given the illusion of movement.

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#Cyborg #Fame

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Dennis Pfeifer
This man is likable! Not, like Hillary Rodham Clinton who is so dis likable and interested in fing you in the Azzzzzzzzzzzz.
D-Train's Bunk
Sometimes the kind of success you've experienced scares people to even think they could achieve it because of the "Stan"s out there.
warren ward
I'm just saying, ive always thought your first name was styx
hahahah the end is hilarious
daniel ross
Love the mic, how about a mic stand? Your laziness is unprecedented!
M. S.
Why leeks?
Michael Cristian
Where's your cat Cleopatra? Still alive?
Jojo Bane
#cyborg hilarious
Luke Robinson
Tarl is the Old English word for a measurement no longer used, it's 10.2 inches
Whatever your name is, doesn't matter to to me. As an older Christian guy, I subscribe to your channel purely for current event information, to balance my other sources of news so I can distill the truth of what's happening in the world. I clued in your honesty right away which is mostly what I'm interested in from people. Keep up the good work. I for one appreciate the effort.
The End of Madness
Tarl is a living meme of the same caliber than Brian Stelter
Paco Peso
It's Carl with a 'T'
Wankel Motor
Taral. Is that a Norwegian name?
Ike Does Stuff
Tough times...can't afford a mic stand.
Blue Raven Tales
I like Styx. But Tarl is nice too.
Sherry Krook
When you finally get a package from me for the kitties, I promise it won't be a bomb. It'll have crocheted kitty blankies in it. I had been wanting to send them to you since autumn, but I didn't know until recently that your address was out there public. Please don't reject the kitty blankies.
Nerox Gilverine
Something interesting to point out, in this video you joked about having to get a new computer and in your current situation you are getting a new computer because it broke. That's really weird lol
Erik Brantly
Tarl is a unique name, and that's cool... but you'll always be Styx to me.
5:30 old school internet shout out.
Collin Buckley
Are you a god on RuneScape yet?
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Talking with Styxhexenhammer666 It's Kind of Weird Being 2 days ago   43:01

A discussion about the geopolitical situation with noted YouTube commentator Styxhexenhammer666. We do like a brief turn around the globe—it was fun.