Great Barrier Reef Shark Attack in Maldives Vacation! 5 months ago   00:49

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
The Great Barrier Reef makes up about 10 per cent of the world's coral reef ecosystems, and is one of the best known and most complex natural systems on Earth.

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Shark Attack in Maldives Vacation! Great Barrier Reef 5 months ago   01:50

One of the best house reef in maldives - Vilamendhoo Resort!

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Shark attack! Very safe to swim and snorkel here. These sharks are totally harmless. My video snorkeling with sharks here:

If ever you wish to book, please visit my link above. Select the desired date you want to go and then choose "VILAMENDHOO" resort. Make sure you book ALL INCLUSIVE so its EAT + DRINK all you can!! SUPER WORTH IT!! BEST VACATION EVER!!! :)

We stayed 1 week at Vilamendhoo resort on the first week of May 2017. All inclusive package. Eat and drink all you can! Very budget friendly and its good resort if you will be visiting maldives for the first time.

When snorkeling, you will be seeing a lot of blacktip sharks, rays, lobsters and eels. Its very safe to snorkel and the house reef is truly majestic. You can also snorkel with manta rays, whale shark and do a sunset cruise with dolphins!

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