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The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan | Nietzsche’S Prediction About The Jews - At Ai-Tube.com

The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan Nietzsche’s Prediction About the Jews 3 months ago   04:39

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You might know him as a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, the host of Fear Factor, or the mastermind behind wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which earns over 30 million downloads a month. But no matter how you know Joe Rogan, chances are there are still some things about him you don't know. Here's a look at the untold truth of Joe Rogan…

He destroyed Carlos Mencia | 0:18
He hosted The Man Show | 0:54
He fought a contestant on Fear Factor | 1:44
He almost fought Wesley Snipes | 2:15
He loves drugs | 2:59
He's all about sensory deprivation | 3:38

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Comments 2316 Comments

B Dog
When Rogan called out mencia, I almost pissed myself laughing so hard. He clowns on mencia for a good 10 minutes
Black Death 1347
Grunge is dog shit. And I don't really give a damn about Rogan.
Naruto Uzamaki
Joe "these are basic facts bout me" Rogan
Weed ain't a drug!
Joe (people make videos of me) Rogan
Derek Perez
Dumbest fucking video. Nothing unknown here.
Troy Dube'
Uggghhh. God i hate when i accidently click on Grunge or Watchmojo. Yer ruining youtube.
Lolol the news paper said joe is 5'8 lolololololol holly homes is 5'8 , joe stood next to her with 2" soles lolololololol
Mr Smarty Pants
Wesley Snipes is a great fighter too,
He pulled out because the IRS wanted him in jail..
Would have been a great fight.
Jake Navarro
They're untold because everyone knows them
FUCK NED! We all love weed! Say this shit to his face. I am a man that doesn't watch the view or Oprah. Basically, don't fuck with Joe Rogan or you'll get Joey Diaz's NUTS on your face.
I was wondering why it didn't host fear factor anymore
I love him and happy that hes having this much wave on todays sickened trashed leftist feminist society
Dislikes=likes. Thhis shows how devided we are
Ben Dover
What a bullshit video, nothing here that he wouldn’t tell you himself...
Shawn Jerome
I actually take back the negative stuff I said about Joe, I don't know him and I didn't know he was that cool of a dude so I do apologize and I man up and I was wrong I'm sorry
Shawn Jerome
Love weed,but hate other drugs
Mike Overholt
Why no mention of News Radio?
byron livermore
Mencia ruined his own career.
Anthony Rios
Joe also had a dog named Jonny cash, up until recently he believed in big foot, his favorite word is “disingenuous,” if you cook an elk with jalapeños he gets a boner, hot yoga clears his mind, if you ain’t ONNIT or OFFIT, HOW DARE YOU!!!!
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Nietzsche’s Prediction About the Jews The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan 3 months ago   07:25

A fascinating section of “Daybreak”. Take away from it what you will.

P.S. I don't think this prediction is pro or anti-semitic. Nietzsche is just telling what he thinks will happen from as "objective" a standpoint as possible.