The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan Nietzsche’s Prediction About the Jews 2 weeks ago   04:39

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You might know him as a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, the host of Fear Factor, or the mastermind behind wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which earns over 30 million downloads a month. But no matter how you know Joe Rogan, chances are there are still some things about him you don't know. Here's a look at the untold truth of Joe Rogan…

He destroyed Carlos Mencia | 0:18
He hosted The Man Show | 0:54
He fought a contestant on Fear Factor | 1:44
He almost fought Wesley Snipes | 2:15
He loves drugs | 2:59
He's all about sensory deprivation | 3:38

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randy palla
We know Joe is a stupid know nothing,
Metro Bytmobile
you can traon for 20 yrs but you never see the pussy in the ring once.get his ass handed to him
oldman baller50
Menstealia did it to himself, He admitted it because everybody knew it and he had no choice.
Nico Bridge
I listed to my first JRE for the first time 2 days ago, and I knew every single so called, "Untold truths" mentioned in this vid.
Waste of time ppl, just go to the source!
basic Wikipedia introduction of Joe Rogan would fit as title
squeee !
This proves you can find someone to hate on anything on the internet
Stanley Banks
Weed isn5 a drug.
jorge i Zamora
are you stupid or something...what is your point you fool...….fucking 3d hater
Stephen LaSpina
This guys facts aren’t straight
Dj Death
already knew all this
The untold truth (for anyone that has not watched or listened to one podcast) of Joe Rogan*

Fixed it for you.
Dan Smith
Rogans gonna smash you narrator.
Akeem Griffith
Holy fuck.... he hosted Fear Factor...
Mr. Roach
A functioning doper
JRE's a man's man and a husband and father too. He had Dan Bilzerian on his podcast as if the latter is some sort of aspirational figure. Far from it. It only served the highlight the difference between fake as fuck and real as it gets.
Erin Black
Wesley also thought it was a funny idea to piss off Mike Tyson
Jim The EDC Guy
Joe rogan didn't fight anyone on fear factor, he just controlled the situation in a calm manner. Had it escalated, it wouldn't be a fight anyway lol.
Goaty McGoatface
Well that was complete waste of time. thank fuck for adblock, or else this shit might have made .0001 cents off me hating this
DR. Smith
We call him "male pattern baldness boy....
Niki Bronson
So many right-wing people at Flocked video to try to defend this dude when all of the information they got was from Joe Rogan...

Moreover it's like they didn't even watch the video... None of this information was out to get him it was just basic extra info
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Nietzsche’s Prediction About the Jews The Untold Truth Of Joe Rogan 2 weeks ago   07:25

A fascinating section of “Daybreak”. Take away from it what you will.

P.S. I don't think this prediction is pro or anti-semitic. Nietzsche is just telling what he thinks will happen from as "objective" a standpoint as possible.