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http://www.ted.com Why do societies fail? With lessons from the Norse of Iron Age Greenland, deforested Easter Island and present-day Montana, Jared Diamond talks about the signs that collapse is near, and how -- if we see it in time -- we can prevent it.

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Daniel Antonio Guerrero Ibarra
Ambition, greed, envy, racism, intolerance, all these are human characteristics, to put it in two words: human nature, that's why...
Joyce Koch
Things will get worse in America as long as people continue to believe what we have heard over the
last 40 years of what will make America and the world a better place. The advice we have been getting
over the past 40 years for example has instead of creating safer work and school environments but
ones that are more dangerous. The irony that more oversight and control
in society by governing authorities has lead to less cohesion in society and
a increase in entropy. The whole concept of this is so counter intuitive that
we continue to get the opposite-a greater and greater cry for more oversight and control
which leads people scratching their heads why more chaos and problems seem to arrive.
Ironically, instead of seeing this all too often the conclusion is drawn is: If we had but MORE
oversight and control we can improve our situation.
Sadly, I am not optimistic this will be realized anytime soon so we can be pretty sure in a few
decades from now that more oversight and control governing nearly every aspect of society by governing authorities will
exist but the level of disruption of chaos will be much higher.
Collagen Cleo
Take a drink everytime he takes his glasses off and on.
Good video...good information.
Jareds (((tribe))) tends to be involved very often.
Umar AlFarooq
He's got to give up on the combover. It's GONE dude. Just let it go. Or get a decent follecular implant.
ruddy arrow
This video is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn how arrogantly stupid academic types can be. As I post this the video is over ten years old. Listen for predictions of ecological catastrophe (hint : logable forests) and see if they happened.
ruddy arrow
This guy seems a bit of a crackpot. He has problems with understanding cause and effect that plague conspiracy theorists.
Tim Hallas
The collapse of great societies always begins with one faction becoming dominant for a long period of time. The overthrow is always engineered from within.
Terry Bascom
This is simplistic and narrative-driven soft science; a case of the tail wagging the dog, with many assumptions about populations distant in space and time that are too simple and categorical to be true to the diverse reasons persons behave as we do. His comparison of Norse Greenland to contemporary Montana is falsified by his comparing unequal elements - to begin, it is a faulty comparison to put a state within a nation on the same level as a nation in regard to 'relations with other peoples.' it gets worse from there.

Montgomery does a much better job of addressing Diamond's core topic in "Dirt."
Elessar Strider
Why? The social entropy of relativism.
Subversive parasite
Julian Olson
Societies collapse because of race mixing.
Mr Godzilla
didnt help rome had ll that lead in their water supply plus warring and f ing their neighbors and then allowing foreigners same ones they screwed like everyone on this planet in case of usa to many immigrants enter and to many different philosophys see collapse communism siff languages
Mr Godzilla
they didn't end up dead guess he never read of Norman invasion ie NORSEMEN ie Normandy I'm white not anglosaxon ie ferman descent but anglonorman ie a Turner look up surname. This guys analysis isnt very good seeing the merged into west civilization via christianity and throughout europe took england refused to breed with anglo surnames and in france became lords and intermarried with fench aristocracy and became stronger in other races throughout the world even back into the Slavs which they came from. THe norse got along with SAMI just compare gods dummy lighting thor vs sami god thunder. Im certain most of the norse genome is coursing thru my and millions of others blood. I like America rome comparison dullard senators and elites like calligua the billionaire idiots thinking monopoly game in real life wont carry real beheading of the 0 sum game winner
If this was published in 2008, you've overlooked the significant collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. and yet you include Yugoslavia and Somalia where collapse was provoked by outside forces. .
Kerry Griffin
Comb-overs destroy societies
john doe
societies collapse because they reject the GOD of the Bible
S Lenn
Boring Crap
Thank you! Finally, someone who is placing guilt where it belongs. How many inventions have been suppressed by corporate greed which would have been of benefit? How many chemicals to destroy everything have they created? Bombs? Frequencies?
Where we hold guilt is in our ignorance and allowing it all... Our silence has been our consent. Our dollars have been the support.
Now we can bend over and kiss our.... good-bye.
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