Watch as Trump signs executive The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump 2 days ago   39:07

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Emiliano Zapata
The good things Trump does, and they are very few, could be done just as well by another and done without White Supremacy and Fascism!
RR Extra
labelling people and putting them in boxes
R_epic unknown
We are just human, flesh, bone, blood. Emotions, guilt ect.
What the hell do people in high places expect! This is so sad (bless then) war is shit but then the government send them onto battlefields. Whilst the government stay at home in there comforts. Keep up the good work to help them with no expense speared. I wish Britain could follow this. Too many suffering vets are on the streets. It makes me sick. How is a normal human bean supposed to function after what they have seen and had to do.
Peregrine Slim
If Trump had actually joined the military, rather than opting out, he may have have benefited from veteran mental health programs.
Sleepflower in UK
He understands it
Dave Hogan
2 words - Bone Spurs
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The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump Watch as Trump signs executive 2 days ago   42:48

Donald Trump has launched often vitriolic attacks on minorities, Muslims, women and pretty much anyone else he wants – and yet his popularity just keeps on climbing.He is leading the race to win the Republican nomination and his next victory, he hopes, will be the White House. In this documentary The Fire Breather: The Rise and Rage of Donald Trump, Bob McKeown joins the campaign trail for a disturbing look at an ugly side of America and why Trump may be winning.

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