Nintendo E3 2019 Direct Press Borderlands 3 - Official Moze The Gunner 2 days ago   2:35:13

Tune in for the biggest reveals, trailers, gameplay and more from Nintendo's E3 2019 press conference and Treehouse live.

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Luigis mansion 3!🌟
Pokemon sword & shield's HUD just fits the switch so well, THIS GAME'S GONNA BE FUCKING AWESOME ISN'T IT!
Jay Tresser
I am excited for pokemon sword and shield astral chain and Luigi mansion 3 i can not wait to legend of Zelda Link's Awakening i am absolutely looking forward to play those game on my Nintendo switch
Kyle Hill
Does anyone remember the original poke mon command? In Commodore BASIC language programming it locates the sprite on the screen. That's where the actual name Pokemon comes from. The poke command is followed by the mon name and screen coordinates.
Kyle Hill
So how many more games with guns and blood do you all need? Should we start rating games with B for blood?
Who was the bimbo walking around the Luigi set?? She looked like she doesn’t know a Nintendo character to save her life.
Hayden Bennett
Still no Grandia...
Denise Poo
Those grown men holding those toys...mmm ok...
Robert Samuel
Local coop animal crossing? Finally
Cmon new Paper Mario!! :D
C6H12O6 Daddy
Wow Game Freak really said fuck trans rights during Pride Month... 💔
Phoenix Down
1:00:08 Morgan Freeman?
Nozarashi 7
no national dex, no megas, no z moves, great thanks for killing the hype and possibly the game
Oof fight me Lol
Where is Metroid?!
Who spilled My beans
animal crossing?
Wow theyve really outdone themselves. So many games. Contra is awesome!! I'll have to get a switch now. Plus Banjo =-)
Carlos Castillo
37:44 bowser: wuh
wiley glass
Let's get this taken down
Bad Dragonite
No national dex transferring really??
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Borderlands 3 - Official Moze The Gunner Nintendo E3 2019 Direct Press 2 days ago   10:38

Watch the first in-depth gameplay of Moze and her Iron Bear mech as they tear their way through the swamps of Eden-6.

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