Wikileaks founder Julian Assange Who is Julian Assange? - BBC News 1 day ago   00:58

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by British police at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Officers executed a warrant for the 47-year-old’s arrest on Thursday morning after the Ecuadorian government withdrew his asylum.

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Are you allowed to carry things in your hands when your handcuffed? He could have a lock pick in that book or a knife or weapons, and why are the police smiling
no name
i think he is an actor, hope his cat will do well
Damian Matras
The core idea of Humanity, is on the verge of destruction. 😢 Free Assange!
bob rail
Dai its meant to , treason May comes back from getting her orders from corrupted EU and its more bullshit so best way to deflect more of her treacherous deals is to arrange a supposedly bigger story PM and MPs majority pure 💩💩💩💩💩
the only traitors here are the governments...dictators of the world.
Rui Machado
Please UK out of Europe, UK should be ashamed, attitude of dictorship country.
When a country put's in risk basic human wrights they should be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.
USA are a bad example, UK is following bad examples, maybe they should creat a prision in Cuba like US did.
Go out of europe and become the 53 state of USA, how low can a country go......
Europe is land of compreension, human rights and freedom, UK aren't europe.

Maduro is a suposed dictator, but at least there Guaido dosent face life in prision and freely gives is opinion's.
In USA and UK that is impossible......
Carlos M.Aliaga
Eventually this would happen sooner or later..........
Jeff Beland
"The UK has no civility. They must resist! UK resists!"
Batters Box
UK will need to call Brussels to get extradition orders authorized..I wonder which of these five eye's ass kissers shot Seth Rich in the back..I've seen one black "asian" take on this many brit cops and the cops were scared.
Anakin Skywalker
Thank god they arrested this dangerous criminal! I feel safer already...
P cj
Well done! I always suspected Assange was a russian asset and spy. Lock him up!
Graeme Crowther
Don’t shoot the messages.
Graeme Crowther
What next ??
Failed to appear in court? So basically a majestierial court decision, with a potential of 12 months in prison or something similar. That's a minor holding charge and he's obviously going back to the USA for trial
Matthew Whittington
After being stuck in a confined space I hope he is used to it because the us has a nice safe small room for him with no distractions for him to worry about no tv no internet basic food choices and no visit from Pamela anderson
Bucky Lastards Network
If you do or do not believe Assange was the real deal - this will set you straight either way:
How dare the masses take their mind of this theatrical madness: Now People - refocus your attention this way: Welcome to the Met Police - not your average Cops:
Alexander Howarth
Poor guy. it looks like being cooped up inside for so long has made him sick and completely nuts. why the UK government deemed it necessary or legal to subject him to this is beyond me but I lost all confidence and/or respect for them years ago. I'm just waiting for the riots to begin. Not over this, obviously. People forgot about Assange long ago and I've always said that he should have been a man and taken his punishment while he was still in the public eye, had their respect and would have been able to control the narrative. Somehow I doubt we'll ever hear from him again
poison and shite
Britain has become quite a grim Communist/Fascist hybrid slave state. Over the next decade it will become a genuine dystopia, assuming it isn't one already.
Alexander Challis
£42 million pocketed by MPs story - Assange arrested-phew, aint they just lucky- thieves escape - again.
Dom Perignon
disgrace the eu gangsters are behind this and Clinton and obummer these are not leaders just gangsters
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Who is Julian Assange? - BBC News Wikileaks founder Julian Assange 1 day ago   03:05

Some see him as a reckless 'hacktivist' - others think he's a campaigner for truth.

Julian Assange lived in the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years and is the man behind whistleblowing site Wikileaks.

Now he's been removed from the embassy and arrested by UK police. But why was Assange there in the first place?

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