Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks Top 10 Horror Movie Villain Motivations 1 day ago   15:29

The mask maketh the serial killer. So here we are counting down Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks of all time! When these creepy killers appear on the screen with these masks on, you can't help but reel in terror! We're talking Frankenstein Mask, Wax Mask, Ghostface Killer Mask, Babyface Mask, Surgical mask, Jason's Mask. SO MANY MASKS. Which Mask is you favorite?

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Austin Harrington
Every horror movie ever.

*Death during or right after sex*
Slicethat Like
I was going to say Freddy Kruger was first ...but I remembered that’s his face
Josh Morrison
... Jason can't be no. 1. It's not even inventive. Michael is both derived from imagination (at least a little) and is actually unsettling.
You could just expect Jason
Katie Duhh
Omg Rebecca hi
Jure Ocepek
No. 11 kinda looks like a baseball
Jason x Og
I guest right
cc101iscool1 3
I already knew The Jason mask was gonna be 1st!😎lol
Raphael Munz
I would put it like this:
3rd: Michael
2nd: Jason
1st: Jigsaw
Raphael Munz
No Jigsaw mask on number 1?
Metal Grazylilmonster
You forgot the mask 😛
Mine is Jason Voorhees
John Keogh
What about the movie in 2001 movie call valentine it got david boreanaz in and densie richards look like mask of a cupid
sans _god29
What about the mask that the predators wear
Evan Perepolkin
if jason wasnt number one, i woudve killed all the mongolian children in my basement.
Cowboys All day
I feel like I’ve heard these lines before
Where is the Jigsaw mask ???
Angel Villanueva
I'm watching this at 666k likes😐
Wait she isn't white
TOD: [angry dooting]
mother of god please just stop uploading
tthc_ kiu
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Top 10 Horror Movie Villain Motivations Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks 1 day ago   12:53

Warning: Possible Minor Spoilers Alert
Be they demented serial killers or supernatural entities, you can always rest assured that horror movie villains will have fascinating reasons to kill. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 horror movie villain motivations.

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