3dHH-Fly-over-3d-Dubai-in-Google-Earth-5.0 The Palm - Dubai 2 days ago   02:46

Fly over Dubai in Google Earth 5.0 with current "Best of 3d-models" plus my newest Burj Dubai-model. Demo of the new tour-capture-feature in Google Earth 5.0, released 2/2/09. The generated kmz-file for the tour/video (without music and text-ballons) but with much better quality and resolution is only 20kB and can be downloaded at http://www.3dHH.de

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Is the 3d version free? Not sure
how u view it 3d???i got ge 5.0 now pls help
Jose Escobar
hey my uncle was one of the leading engineers on building that palm tree island lol
Nathan Vazquez
how do u fly like da controlls
Lelouch Bezarius
did u know that Burj Dubai was built by someone from kuwait ... 0.o why didnt he build in here in usa o.0
Mehrez 1989
genius !
precioso.. tengo que ir algún dia!
Firas Arafat
if u are using google earth 5.0 it should be there by now but since ur comment was posted a month ago u would not find it. But it was uploaded by someone a week ago.:)
stupid crap, get a life and camera
Antaeus, Byzantine Meditation
Jonny Gayman
ye that wud be a lot better
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The Palm - Dubai 3dHH-Fly-over-3d-Dubai-in-Google-Earth-5.0 2 days ago   04:54

Introducing The Palm
Premier residential resort islands in Dubai