Jordan Peterson discusses whether Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard 2 days ago   09:27

Jeremy Vine on 5 - Official Channel
Psychologist and author Jordan Peterson discusses notions of gender equality with the Wright Stuff panel including Sophie Walker, leader of the Women's Equality Party.

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Rusty Cockering
I'll believe women are equal...just as soon as I see one of them pee standing up.
Luke Shula
Kelly Kapowski @ 7:23
Manny De Leon
"are we gonna equalize that..."
Patrick LaBelle
Left wing nuts never let facts stand in their way...
Youb Cbr
Men are joining
NO simps and manginas are joining
Angelo Vantoorn
What was the point of having him on there. Its basicay 3 against 1
Way more women prostitution than men! A forever never ending fact!
Just Danny
Women want equal pay until they get a divorce!
Clark Griswold
Leftists ignore truth to act noble. Emotional appeals devoid of common sense. Jordan Peterson was the only rational one there. The others are delusional. They came off as goofy.
IT is the future? Who will be building buildings, houses, and roads? I guess we'll eventually stop doing that stuff and just build networks and hosts. And secondly, what if women just don't want to be software engineers or involved in STEM careers? Is gender equality all about forcing the genders to do things they don't want to to do for the sake being equal?
papa bless
"Still are teaching boys and girls pink and blue..." She is wearing and pink shirt of her own accord and all the men chose to wear blue. I thinks men and women just like those colors. lol
Jonathan Blood
Our Heavenly Father made us different so we can complement each other...NOT compete against each other. This understanding demolishes the consternation over differences between men and women.
She only reads and sites studies that help her but she uses them only to further her agenda.
Why more boys are on STEM:
- Young girls play mostly with Barbies.
- Young boys play mostly with LEGOs.
Carl Morgan
Shared Parental leave is all good and fine. But the majority of women will make that decision as to whether they would share the responsibility. They would say I've carried the baby for 9 months so why should i give the remainder of my maternity leave to my partner.
Roberto Cruz II
Emergency Room, you're about to die, do you care the sex of your doctor or do you want the best doctor available...Nuff Said.
Roberto Cruz II
You should be paid on how well you perform at your job. Not how you look.
Abdulai Kargbo
Ik she didn’t just site Jordan’s book
mathew larrigan magicians advice real talks
Women and not willing to do everything a man can do..

And a man is not willing to do everything women can do..

The capabilities of both sexes are completely different..

There is no logic to the argument..
The only debate is ..
"who is right "..
not ...
"what is right"
mathew larrigan magicians advice real talks
The probabilities of outcome will always be different they have to..
For survival and acts like a seesaw..
Taking turns..
The probabilities of opportunity is not a goal that can be reached because of the biological structure of our bodies ...
This is going to directly attack our immunology and our immune systems are going to crash.
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Jordan Peterson DESTROYS Tom Ballard Jordan Peterson discusses whether 2 days ago   07:54

Controversial Canadian psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson explains to Tom why keeping his room clean is important, why identity politics suck, and why the ABC should be less Marxist.

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