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Comedy Central Stand-Up
Joel Kim Booster reflects on being homeschooled and shares what it was like growing up as an Asian man in a white family. (Contains strong language.)

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He looks so much like Ed Gamble but asian
Lol Lol
I’m bi in a white family im also Asian too omg 😂😂 I relate to this , at least I’m not the only one now
Do you have any more video of this comedian
Is that George Eads or Freddie Mercury on his shirt?
Miy'Ka El Lovai
the next Tiffany Haddish
Miy'Ka El Lovai
David Norman
Interesting. His comedy is exactly the same as a female’s schtick: not funny, mostly about who they fuck coupled with an uninteresting upbringing.
I actually didn't laugh because the stories he's telling are actually very very sad.
Nick Villanueva
I would totally buy him if I found him on the rack ... no matter what size...
anti pédale
damn I hate gay people, fuck all that
Elliot Lucas Simmons
As a non-binary Asexual African American, adopted by extremely Christian Caucasian parents and home-schooled until high school, this checks out!
that guy
were can i get that shirt
Billyzapka123 5
“ I was in a cult “😫😂
Alex Rivers
I love this guy! So funny 💯
Kaitlyn Levy
pretty much fulfilling every manhwa fantasy rn with them shoulders, boiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
Joey Flacko
hes funny as hell lol as a striaght man idk i love gay comedians
Knowing you're going to hell before you get there.
cindy lou
asians arent southern baptist
Not really funny, but have potential
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