Modern Asian Street Food, 6 ways to fold a dumpling 1 day ago   06:12

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Pho noodle soup, bao buns, fried chicken & chips, honey soy chicken & BBQ pork puffs, black sesame milkshake. Phat Panda Urban Street Food, Canberra. Australia Vlog 74.
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Jason in Missouri
Your making me hungry brandon! Looks good.
Food now Brandon. No more gun shootings
practice. Not the usual Filipino food like
you had in your Philippines adventures.
Paul Ellis
When is your next Philippines adventure b adventures?
Morenian's Shuffle Vlog
notice me brenden i love your content the way you impress us
Wow. Food looks good.
Thanks for sharing. "Good" food? Should've said great or delicious food.
Lucas Musser
food looks good
looks like a buffet place from the beginning.
Kriss Bartlett
ohh the girl behind the counter was cute
Looking great B. I did notice everyone in heavy coats so how long your winter goes on? BTW, when is your next trip to AC?
michael j
Food looked great , nice to see you again , hope all is well with you . Nice vlog as always
Susan Labandero Jeppesen
Yummy 😊 And good to see you again B 😊
Amazing introduction music!! The food looked so delicious! 😋 Can’t wait for you to go back to the Philippines and find new foods and new islands!
ricky usa
A little different than the street food I'm used to in Angeles city. Do they have mystery meat barbeque sticks marinated in diesel fumes?
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6 ways to fold a dumpling Modern Asian Street Food, 1 day ago   02:23

We visited Wei Wei, a Taiwanese restaurant in Sellwood, to learn six different ways to fold dumplings.

Read more about dumplings at The Oregonian/OregonLive: