Julian McCullough - Once Abducted, Theo Von - Me and Darryl Strawberry - This 1 day ago   17:08

Comedy Central Stand-Up
After coming home late from school, Julian McCullough lies to his parents and tells them he was almost kidnapped. (Contains strong language.)

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Comedy Central Stand-Up
Check out Julian’s new podcast “Your 2 Dads,” hosted with Sean O’Connor: https://apple.co/2EZcgfr
johann adams
Points at someone in the front row: "You're maad! 😬mmm"
Bryan Powers
He's not funny with the anti Trump shit.
Stretch 6388
Bruh that bitch laughs sooo loud and annoyingly 😂😂
tarth Garl
Why do you ruin the the joke before you play it...
Nah bruh
great minus the cheap trump shit
we get it u dont like trump 🙄 VERY ORIGINAL
Welcome To My World
11:08 The people in the audience don't get enough credit.
Indirect Gaming
When he fails to make the audience laugh he just throws in a trump joke lol what a joke, not even satire
Button Socks
The trump shit is so over played man, I would have actually enjoyed this set if you didn’t take the easy way out. Work on making your story flow instead of interrupting it with cheap pot shots that are honestly just cringy at this point.
Skipping these intros like it’s my job
Chris Brooks
He was good untill he went full retard by saying trump supports are misinformed. It's actually the dems who can't come with facts. Can never back up their argument when it comes too anything trump. Also no collusion lol
Everett Owens
If uninformed people make up Trump’s supporters, you mean to tell me that all Democratic voters are informed? Yeah, I call BS.
My mom also has called my bluff for shit and been like "Let's go find em"
Al Harrington
Trump joke wasn’t funny.
CAL Autarch
He probably got molested.
Cameron Anglin
Funny other than the trump jokes. His career is over in 3 years.
Caidema Official
When I was a kid I was walking home from school (3rd grade) and some guy tried to kidnap me.
Ian Branson
I didn't hear that whack laugh until i read the comments and now this is ruined
dude the girl in the background jeez
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Theo Von - Me and Darryl Strawberry - This Julian McCullough - Once Abducted, 1 day ago   19:35

During a cocaine-fueled night of partying with a taxi driver, Theo Von begins to reconsider the way he's been living his life.

More Theo Von on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/theovon

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