Full Leight Dubai New Year's ( FWSim Contest ) 'Brandon Bonett 1 day ago   32:07

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United Kingdom
London is much top1to that
United Kingdom
London is muxh better
Soso Shalhob
jufri din
begini kalu minyak dikelola sendiri, tidak diorupsi,dsb
Tech creative Nepal
Wow very nice
Click here :- #Techcreativenepal
انس عمر
Amazing....very nice...
Sikandar Sikandar
Vry Vry nice
Denis Andreas Groß
Good thats i too fo r Dubai abudhabi , UA E Citizenship any Embassy had visited ...😁😅😃😁😃😅😁😁😃😅😁😃😅😁😃😅😁😃😅😁😃😅
Shakir Malik
Mr. God
Allah wants be with Princess Sheikha Mahra.
Gaming Gacha
Dubai is the best 😆😆😆😆😆. Love u Dubai
abishek kirupananthan
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllol and bruh
9:10 - 20:40 Middle part could have been awesome but was ruined due to shitty camera work. I mean it's neat seeing those angles a couple of times. But for the most part, they need to put the camera in ONE FIXED SPOT like we were there, and leave it so we don't frickin miss anything! Most of that travesty was like trying to watch your 55" TV from half a block away. (also, listen to the music there near the end of that part. Does it sound like a modified Gladiator track, or am I nuts?)
Yahya M
Jimmy Bee
Why keep cutting away from the greatest fireworks display ever, just so we can see gawkers?
day dream girl
I love love the music it's suit with firework
any1 on md??????????
Hugo Ochoa
😭 💣
Piroska Merk
A m speechless 😶 it’s spectacular 👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗
What a fucking waste of money... this is what's wrong with the world...
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( FWSim Contest ) 'Brandon Bonett Full Leight Dubai New Year's 1 day ago   07:44

‎3rd place in the FWsim New Year's Competition :) thanks for all the comments and for your vote :)