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I bought one of those "eggs" that you dig into to find a hidden secret and I wondered if it would dissolve in vinegar so I decided to set up my Evo DX action camera to film it using the camera's own timelapse facility. The total time period for this session was 7 days. I started at 10 second intervals but that was really a total waste of time with not enough action so after leaving it overnight I changed the interval to 60 seconds and soon realised that was stiil too fast. The end result was well over 10000 images. From the 10 second interval session I selected every 100th frame and from the 60 second interval session I selected every 10th frame so the end result is a bearable 2 minutes. The next issue was ALL the action took place on the opposite side of the egg but I left it that way round as I didn't want anybody to think I gave it a helping hand.

Poundland Shark Bite Excavation Egg
EvoDX Ultra HD 4K Sports and Action Camera
Using the camera's own timelapse facility. I had set the lapse to 20 seconds
2736 images taken using 12.5 GB of memory
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6
28 LEDs 13.1W Integrated LED Lens Light Strip String Module AC220V 50Hz

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Raggy Ragsdale
The notices for this series have come in at strange times .... been watching ... but I think the first notice I got was two or so days ago .... and I caught the tail end first .... Still ... Fun .... nonetheless .... Raggy
Lynn Hemeon
More patience than I have..
Hermit Oldguy
To see if it's plastic, heat it with a flame.
RC Dre
great footage brother !! love how you time lapsed it dissolving too epic ideal man !!
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Primitive Technology with Survival Poundland Shark Bite tooth 2 days ago   22:53

Hi. Casting Fish-hook and Giant Fishing is our next video. In this video we make hooks and make fishing rods to look for food. Initially we made the hooks of brass, we took the bark for fishing line. We caught a huge fish from the ocean. We processed the fish meat to eat. The remaining meat and fish we dried to eat in the following days. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to keep track of the latest videos. Thank you.
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