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Sorrow TV
I'm not a smart man. These are not smart people.

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r/oopsdidntmeanto: https://goo.gl/wXxbf4

r/nicegirls: https://goo.gl/wYy6RA

r/choosingbeggars: https://goo.gl/H9WQha

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Anduin Wyrnn
H o l y
C r a p.

These people... Are so full of it.
this is so hard to watch! it hurts almost physically.
I love how this one person is bragging about getting a 91% in a freaking cooking class XD
Ella Farabaugh
0:54 I feel like some of these aren’t terrible, but a great was to tell if someone is doing r/iamverysmart, is if they look like they ran 50% of the words on their post through a thesaurus
13:16 _Hey, I like disco music_ 😡
2:14 _"You're stupid for not liking what I like!"_
TST Flex
The guy talking about the whole speed of light and black hole thing,was pretty fine and interesting,until he went:”OOOOOOO I HAVE BIG BWAAAAAIIIIIIN OOOOOOOO ME SMART MAN OOOOGAAAA BOOOOGAAAA BOOOOOOOGAAAAAA!!!!!!”
11:53 Correct me if I'm wrong but 90 seems like way to low an average unless you're counting people in comas, with handicaps, etc.
I'm pretty smart but I don't feel the need to brag to strangers. It just makes you look like a dick.
“Russian stacking dolls”

-sorrow tv, 2019
Madison Hensley 14
1:17 that was on my birthday lol
This particular video amuses me because it shows an assemblage of ordinary human beings representing themselves being intellectually more resourceful than their peers when in reality they are just insecure simpletons using Google to find more intellectual equivalents to the words they would use in their ordinary speech. I have acquired an IQ of 10231242141 and I can easily detect when someone is being precise about their intelligence.
Enzo Perruccio
1:04 *FBI Open up!!!!!!!!!*
Can we get 5000 Likes with no videos?
What’s IQ
Total Cookie
2:46 verified?
Inaara Z
Your little laugh at "like the Godfather" was so cute ❤️
Cyrus Tiong
Im willing to bet that they're all atheists
William Intemann
In theory light has mass because it's affected by gravity but then how does it have mass? Anyone who would fit in this video want to explain to my "inferour mind"
Caleb McKinney
"it's a subreddit combo platter" fucking killed me
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Try Not To Smile Challenge #5 w/ MOM r/iamverysmart Top Posts of All Time [4] 2 weeks ago   14:17

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