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I'm not a smart man. These are not smart people.

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I have no content why are you Subbing?
Im a therteen yeer old and I have hi I.Q an me I.Q is hiest in wurld
Just Another Animator
7:15 you don’t see black holes because the light gets stuck in time??? Is that what he’s trying to say???
Crimson Demonia
Actual geniuses usually don’t flaunt, so if you flaunt your intelligence rapidly and constantly, you probably aren’t considered a genius in any way.
thezombie baron
Let's see, the my height is......50 of my wife's lost chromosomes! I got a growth spurt!
Is anyone else being driven slowly insane by the bad grammar and punctuation? I myself have an IQ of 94,000 (not really) but I make up for it by being so socially stupid that my 2-year-old nephew tries to explain away my social blunders. He barely knows any words except "No," "sink," and "woof-woof" (what he calls dogs), but damn it, does he ever try.
Jacob Lamberson
I have a decent IQ but I'm a total fucking idiot most of the time. 😂I.Q doesn't automatically mean you know more than someone. Who the fuck decided this was a thing?
Big wolfie
My best guess at the disaster of a sentence that is at 4:50 is "If I dislike you, i'll be damned if i ever allow your meddling impulsive carelessness to affect the personal space of my life" cuz pressurize is a synonym of meddle, motor functions are impulses, flabbergast is like when someone absolutely baffles you (like this sentence), proxemics is " how far apart individuals engaged in conversation", and humanoid sapience is ya know life... Yay for thesaurus.com and my absolute annoyance with the idiot who posted that status
Pucci’s Skin Care Routine
that Roxanne cover was exquisite
gabe le
here's a little fact that can easily shoot down the arguments of anyone using IQ as an excuse or a topic to brag upon: IQ is an assumption on potential, so even if they do have a high IQ, it doesn't mean they're smart and vice versa, for instance, I have an IQ to rival a lot of astrophysicists but I'm about as clever as a potato with a face
1:27 I'm dead 😂😂😂
7:32 Another guy who has just discovered physics and doesn't know anything. Short explanation: Speed never exceeds over the speed of light, even when added.
DR G.fimhouse
I like to think that all those messages with the foreign accent is the same seedy Russian man.
Claudio De Worm
Uhm well actually... *I have an IQ of 900000000000jillon so stfu*
If you have to tell someone how smart you are............
1:19 Weird but hey I give him props for waiting
And I would pleasure myself to its historical accuracy.
10:26 Why is Mickey Mouse reading this lol
Toby Kore
Just Leslie
3:52 there aren't lucky stars there must only be lucky CHARMS
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Try Not To Smile Challenge #5 w/ MOM r/iamverysmart Top Posts of All Time [4] 2 months ago   14:17

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