GIRLFRIEND FREAKS OUT IN RZR! Finding A Stolen Vehicle While 2 days ago   16:59

Braydon Price

Sorry for the bad GoPro angle! I'm changing it ASAP! Still learning how to film in the new RZR! PLEASE SMASH that LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE if your'e NEW here!
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I started this channel as a hobby but now it's becoming much more! I plan on doing YouTube as a full on job when I get out of school! I try and post videos as often as I can! My videos consist of me and my friends stupidity! I post my life to Youtube in hope to give some free entertainment! My life is mainly riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, hunting, fishing and truck stuff! So expect a little bit of everything!

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Donut Operator
There good couple
Christiane’s Fishing
1000 th comment
grace Wood
I want to ride dirt bikes with u guys some day
Hossam Elzomor
What ever happened to your old angry neighbor? Those videos were so funny
Justin Bennington
I’m getting that new Honda talon
Michael zarillo
Love the videos but throw a helmet on the girl on some real shit. If anything happens to her you’ll be really upset.
jackson vickers
Go to top trails in Talladega.#Funride
You look like mrbeast
John Wilson
John Thompson
Is that the belt squealing when you were climbing
Use low more man burning your belt. And buy a winch if you wheel alone.
Nicholas Hallet
lol we washed off didnt we? answer = soaked
Logan Miers
All u guys leave her alone you probly act worse then her in the mud
Devin Ray
Put the Honda tires on the RZR
blake mosier
Blew my bike up on that drag strip😂
Kelly Mack
@BraydonPrice mount your GoPro to the back of your headrest by the back of your seat... above the middle console
Aubrey’s Vlog’s
DONT HIT THIS TREE! her *screams* i sowry!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nate Schatz
You two fight like a married couple
Joseph Wells
Should put a helmet on that pretty little face and nice video that thing looks sooo fun
Dakota Kendall
you should go to travis pastrana's house
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Finding A Stolen Vehicle While GIRLFRIEND FREAKS OUT IN RZR! 2 days ago   08:07

Part Two!
We found a stolen vehicle! We did end up calling the cops, that video is coming soon! Please like this video and share it with your friends! it would really help get this video out there! stickers are buy one get one free right now so don't miss out!
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