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Top 10 Ridiculous Music Videos from the Eighties

These videos are so bad they're amazing! WatchMojo picks the ten most ridiculous music videos from the 1980s decade.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Starship “We Built This City” (1985)
#9. Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” (1982)
#8. Bonnie Tyler “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (1983)
#7. Dead or Alive “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” (1984)
#6. Wham! “Wake Me Up Before You GoGo” (1984)
#5. Men Without Hats “Safety Dance” (1983)
#4. Olivia Newton John “Physical” (1981)
#3. ?

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Kimmy Hawk
It was the fucking 80's! Everything was over the top and cheesy! Wtf?! But still better than today's crap music!!
Elizabeth Garcia Olmo
CALM DOWN PEOPLE! We all know it was these videos and music that made music what it is today, Geez!
Riana _
Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood brought me here
Had some success?
They were massive smoked some shit
Zwan Rider
StarLord will dislike these videos even me. Bye
This bitch has NO idea what the hell she's talking about. Can't even watch past 2:07.
Daniela Sanchez
Letty Barregarye
Today's videos portray women like just a piece of ass. Journey is one of the best bands
Brenda Neff
I agree some of the video's don't seem to go with the song, but to say about a whole song and don't compare it to the trashy crap they came out with. all it seemed to do is evolve into hate and sexual content, like thats any better
Kayla potato
Wow..........................this list sucks
Thomas Kwiatkowski
This list is lame. And racist "white guys can't dance". And just bad altogether by applying 2013 standards to 1980's videos. The only thing I would agree with is that We Built This City is a bad song.
Robert Hughes
Safety Dance video is just bizarre enough to be like-able.
Alister Hunter
Eye of the the tiger is the shit, piss off mofo mojo
WeeSteph FromScotalnd
I dunno what you seen in the videos but that's you're opinion but all of these songs were brilliant songs in the 80s number 5 No2 & No1 I've never heard but the rest where good
Kerry Myers
I'm telling you put these songs on the dance floor people will be on the dance floor. 80s were the best.
Kerry Myers
The woman whose presenting I bet wasn't even born in the 80s. I loved the 80s it was vibrant, fun, diverse. Dancing in the street by Jagger and Bowie was a charity song for live aid and the vid had to be quickly put together. The music today is shit. Silly bitch
Cynthia Srednicki
Most of these videos were made during music video infancy! They were breaking ground on an entirely new medium for music. Not only do you not respect that , they didn’t have the budgets to waste on frills when they know the song itself is what mattered. You should have included today’s music as well because 5 million dollar videos don’t fix the fact that most stars of today like Britney CANT EVEN SING!
TYSON 1999
The songs were good, the videos ruined them, back in the 80s we thought these videos were normal because thats what we were force fed by the media. When I was a teen i always liked videos of the bands playing live or montages of live footage. Unchained by van halen, paradise city gnr, etc.
Dev Mathur
This is a video about the how weird these 80s music videos are, not about their opinion of the song itself. Also the narrator says the info as if everyone in the world agrees with them.
Loud Riot
Hey watch out calling George Michael's style wierd
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