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People used to believe in an Arctic polar origin myth of the Aryan people. Sounds like nonsense but the story does resemble the truth about a people scientists are calling "Ancient North Eurasians" (ANE)

About 50% of the Yamnaya DNA came from ANE via two intermediate population known as Eastern Hunter Gatherers and Caucasian hunter gatherers. Their genes were originally discovered through the genome of a Siberian boy who died over 20,000 years ago referred to as either Mal'ta boy or MA-1.

The ANE lived on the mammoth steppe of Siberia and hunted megafauna. maybe the Aryans remembered their Arctic ice age origin as large mammoth hunting ice age men.

Reading list:
Ancient Admixture in Human History
Mathieson et al. 2015 - Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasians.
blonde hair and light skin selection
Native American DNA

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Andrej Šestović
By the way, a small correction- Siberian hunter-gatherers did indeed have genes for blond hair even in Upper Palaeolithic. Afontova Gora 3 carried derived allele for blond hair.
As for western hunter-gatherers (Cro-Magnons): they most probably didn't have dark skin. In contrast to eye/hair color, skin color has lot more genes that control it. So for example, when we use genetics to predict hair pigmentation, we get insane results such as Orcadians being the darkest Europeans by skin, even though they are among lightest in reality. Yakuts and Amur Manchus, who are light-skinned for Asian standards, lack *known* genes for light skin among Asians.
What I think it means is that simply Cro-Magnons didn't have light skin genes which majority of modern Europeans have (which came via Indo-Europeans and Neolithic farmers), but they had light skin in reality. That fact is verifiable via anthropology- modern Europeans of Upper Palaeolithic phenotype are on average lightest-skinned.

Also, not all WHG had blue eyes. One from Hummervikholmen in Norway was brown-eyed, and one from Grotte du Bichon in Switzerland had them as well. Even most of blue-eyed ones are far from having 70+% of probability for light eyes, and their ancestors (Upper Palaeolithic Europeans) were also mainly brown-eyed. They certainly had genes for blue eyes, and they suddenly became common (for whatever the reason) in Mesolithic. Indo-Europeans had genes for light eyes as well (in even greater measure, I think), because some IE cultures (like Andronovo) were almost uniformly light-eyed.

As for comparisons of ancient populations and modern peoples using "autosomal calculators", I think they are inherently flawed. They ignore many phenomena, most important one being genetic drift. To put it shortly: settled, stable populations with big effective population size (not to be confused with total population size) will have more similarity to an ancient group, even if they don't really descend much from it, than partitioned, unstable, quarrelsome populations who migrate often, who, although closer to a certain ancient group by descendance, experience much higher genetic drift than former, and hence appear more genetically removed from their predominant ancestral population.
That's why, for example, some non-European populations score "highest IE" (even though Europeans look the most like IE, and those non-Euro populations don't). Or that's why, for example, Balts and Basques score "most WHG", despite both of them looking nothing like Cro-Magnons.
And that's exactly why I think that physical anthropology is best tool in determining from which ancient group do we have highest amount of descent. "If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog, and barks like a dog- then it is a dog". Those researches are useful for tracking direct lineages (Y-DNA and mtDNA) and determining some phenotypical traits (such as pigmentation), but, at least currently, not for comparing them autosomally with modern populations.
Lastly, I would like to ask you to watch video I have uploaded (intended as VR to Varg), as I have talked quite a bit about European descent from these three fundamental groups in it.

Laurentiu Trandafir
Where did you say you can get dna tests?
Salvy Rivera
What you can said for people who have the nose holes round like a circle and small eyes and red hair do this is not a gene from the cold weather in my opinion it is smal eyes for distances and for protection from the cold winds as well the nose holes small and round and the red hair for the involvement issues to such things can be seeing in the animals from the coldest places in earth example the polar bear i think we should look natural laws more close and really you know that you ancestors came from iberian Peninsula the celts you know that plus only 5 percent of England is saxon blood you are a celt by natural laws we the celts are mix with the alans people a lot and all others to that the reason we were and are the best fighting machines in any environment we mostly 0 positive blood and negative to plus we hardly get sick and heal faster then anybody and how you can defeat so human when he is superior then anyone in earth with out our blood type people will die bro really the best mix for breeding is 0+ 0- in my opinion intelligence and strong breed hot bloody humans rulers meat eaters and dont give a damm only to kp alive above all bro😅
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Jack Edmonds
@ 1:18 : "It does n`t sound like Iran, does it"?........................In fact, due to it`s high elevation & proximity to the huge Asian land mass, Iran has very cold winters!
I would not say ALL hwite people, more like SOME hwite people.

And the only way ANYONE could come from the north pole, is if the Electric Universe model is correct, and a certain large planet hanging over the pole kept it warm.
Brazoncius Roxfort
The more I read about the PIEs, the more confused I get. It makes no sense that Amerindians would have the highest amount of ANE ancestry, since ANEs are the source of blond genes and the origin of all "R" haplogroups, which without exception are the most strongly associated with the PIEs. So blondism should be strongest among Amerindians, and yet they are uniformly black haired. The PIEs also supposedly introduced white(ish) skin to Europe, since woth the WHG and middle easter farmers were darker skinned than PIEs. So shouldn't Amerindians have lighter skin than Europeans, since Europeans got their light skin from the PIEs which had ANE ancestry, and Amerindians have more ANE ancestry? Or did the Europeans get their light skin from the CHG? Because the blond hair is proven to be ANE. The contradiction are too great here. Something is missing.
R Bawari
The nordic origin of aryans was first theorized by ignatius loyolla donnoley. Tilak read his work, and admitted it.
Etymology of the word Hyperborea please?
Robin Graves
13th Gaming Clan
Yamnaya look like Troyans and Romans.
Ē Nihil
As a European, this makes me wonder about the genetic history of East Asia
Andrew Ranger
any reccomended readings / videos on how todays haplogroups were formed?
Earle Frost
I LOVE This channel: he really does his homework!! He sometimes seems to believe in the unscientific concept of "race", but he doesn't flog it into the ground ad many do. Bravo!!
King of all Goyim
This was the best porn I’ve watched in years.
There are governors that almost always govern with exceptions, exceptional paragraphs or exception regulations. Others based on clear rules almost mutually shared laws. in the same way some scientists argue with hair torn arguments or with exceptions in all what they claim or they stress the term "extreme case" too much. This is often not necessary. Instead there is often a different view of the world (also case "Einstein" ) or even ideology which is or makes the "salt in the soup ". In do not call it just ontology (even Heidegger knew more in his life than just to be and to think about this). So biology is a nice science and often an almost exact science. However from one eminent example you will see that you cannot explain such a theme just by biology or even less by that what they call "life sciences". According to a biologist you must learn that a bishop never lives nor lived, because he does not reproduce (not seriously they may "say exceptions confirm the rule"). And even Darwin argued (in an earnest way) with exceptions in theory that the "Darwinists" later did not accept anymore. So I want to explain the problem of the pure bio-scientific explanation here. If you want to preserve a species I it is different from preserving a mummy. In the first case the brain (and some inner organs, not as they thought in the past above all, the liver) is the most important organ to control the organism and also hold its shape. Even if the biological being and more than these all the thereto belonging human being is more than his brain (which forms together with the spinal cord the so called central nervous system which is not identical with the soul, which some strict anatomists even deny to exist) in the case of the mummy as a dead body especially the brain must be extracted to preserve the shape best. So you should never make confusion between an existence that preserved shape because of its inner (conscious an also unconscious) control system and another because its vanished inner control system that in the end was rather unconscious of itself and its real existence, even if in the first case some functions had to be rebuilt in a conscious way knowing the original meaning. The biology takes this fact into its account for its own purpose in a certain reasonable way that would seem ridiculous for other reasons and ideas. In the case that a wolf-shaped dog is in a certain way no more comparable with wolf the biologist compares the wolf maybe more with a lion or wild cat, which of course does only make sense in this theme of biology. (I want to notice here that the natural human philosophy is also wrong concerning the widespread error that for human beings the wild or barbarized form be the original and maybe stronger higher or even or even more virile form of life, it is even more a degeneration, while the domestication of the wolf is the human work. That means that it is important to see who controls? The nature the biological being or the higher biological being the nature? In the first case the being might be preserved or altered by another force in the second case the being is the force to decide over preserving or altering. The pig is better for the man when it is castrated, maybe also because it tastes better. For itself I should say, just from my human view, "no", but I think with my human sense and I cannot feel for the pig. And so I come back to the topic)
Sigurd Grimhild
“We are warriors from the most Holy wars,from a mythical,eternal,cosmic war. Because there is a myth to be defended,for which to fight and die,inside and out....
It was brought to this external earth
With it,it’s slow vibrations, In the way as the face in the flower in the garden of your childhood appeared to you, as if it had fallen from heaven or emerged from inside a great rose.
And it really had fallen from heaven,from the rose of our star, with the stone from a crown which had been broken in a stellar war.
It came down to this earth in the discs of light, along with the white gods.
Purely terrestrial people do not believe in this myth of resurrection and eternal love . They did not fall from another planet, but are the slaves of Atlantis. Also those who have come from opposing stars, from different universes,are fighting against our myth. Not all who inhabit the earth are the same.
This is why we are fighting, as to preserve a myth , a legend which flows through the “blood memory”.
Defeat in the battles of this war will not be defeat if the myth is preserved in all its purity, because the archetype will rise like a phoenix from the blood stained ashes, and the war will finally be won by a horseman riding on a white horse which gallops towards the past or who descends in an disc of green light.
The Legend of Eternal Love is on the point of disappearing because the hybridization of the “blood memories”. The youth of today has been influenced by black music.
The Archetype has been debased.
Plato showed us that Atlantis was drowned because of an Indiscriminate mingling of archetypes,because of their destruction in the “blood memory”.
The Twilight of the Gods has taken place. The sound of the horn can be heard echoing sadly in the forests of Hyperborea.”
-Miguel Serrano.
Nos:the book of resurrection Pg.60-61
Sigurd Grimhild
The “Aryans”are much later. And are the lowest point which we must climb from , hyperborea isn’t just mentioned in Asia , it is mentioned by natives in the Americas and by the Norse men.
Sigurd Grimhild
To really get into this hyperborea means
(Beyond the northern wind) it is where we derive borealis , the place was destroyed by a plantetary catastrophe, it was known as the land of light and origin , where all things started and ended. Apollo was said to travel there every 9 years and when he returned he was youthful. Atlantis was just islands of hyperborea after it was struck , it aaa hyperborea then the lost lemuria , finally it was just Atlantis. It was the decline of the ancient race which gave way to the Aryans . The hyperboreans existed previous to known history , 100,000 years previous to our known 100,000 of us existing or at least of written history
If you are looking to read about them I would suggest Nimrod De Rosario or Robert Charroux . They were not indo-Europeans as some would say. They in a sense were very advanced and it is possible they exist to this very day.
Rosario is a hyperborean scholar and charroux knew initiates. My only answer to people confused about Aliens and gods would be , what are gods to some are aliens to others.
Magyar Történelem
mal ta boy y dna R, mtdna U. Hun chief from duurling nars y dna: r1a1, mtdna U2e, hungarian rulers y dna r1a-z2123, srubna man too, volga scythian man too.
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