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People used to believe in an Arctic polar origin myth of the Aryan people. Sounds like nonsense but the story does resemble the truth about a people scientists are calling "Ancient North Eurasians" (ANE)

About 50% of the Yamnaya DNA came from ANE via two intermediate population known as Eastern Hunter Gatherers and Caucasian hunter gatherers. Their genes were originally discovered through the genome of a Siberian boy who died over 20,000 years ago referred to as either Mal'ta boy or MA-1.

The ANE lived on the mammoth steppe of Siberia and hunted megafauna. maybe the Aryans remembered their Arctic ice age origin as large mammoth hunting ice age men.

Reading list:
Ancient Admixture in Human History
Mathieson et al. 2015 - Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasians.
blonde hair and light skin selection
Native American DNA

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Andrej Šestović
By the way, a small correction- Siberian hunter-gatherers did indeed have genes for blond hair even in Upper Palaeolithic. Afontova Gora 3 carried derived allele for blond hair.
As for western hunter-gatherers (Cro-Magnons): they most probably didn't have dark skin. In contrast to eye/hair color, skin color has lot more genes that control it. So for example, when we use genetics to predict hair pigmentation, we get insane results such as Orcadians being the darkest Europeans by skin, even though they are among lightest in reality. Yakuts and Amur Manchus, who are light-skinned for Asian standards, lack *known* genes for light skin among Asians.
What I think it means is that simply Cro-Magnons didn't have light skin genes which majority of modern Europeans have (which came via Indo-Europeans and Neolithic farmers), but they had light skin in reality. That fact is verifiable via anthropology- modern Europeans of Upper Palaeolithic phenotype are on average lightest-skinned.

Also, not all WHG had blue eyes. One from Hummervikholmen in Norway was brown-eyed, and one from Grotte du Bichon in Switzerland had them as well. Even most of blue-eyed ones are far from having 70+% of probability for light eyes, and their ancestors (Upper Palaeolithic Europeans) were also mainly brown-eyed. They certainly had genes for blue eyes, and they suddenly became common (for whatever the reason) in Mesolithic. Indo-Europeans had genes for light eyes as well (in even greater measure, I think), because some IE cultures (like Andronovo) were almost uniformly light-eyed.

As for comparisons of ancient populations and modern peoples using "autosomal calculators", I think they are inherently flawed. They ignore many phenomena, most important one being genetic drift. To put it shortly: settled, stable populations with big effective population size (not to be confused with total population size) will have more similarity to an ancient group, even if they don't really descend much from it, than partitioned, unstable, quarrelsome populations who migrate often, who, although closer to a certain ancient group by descendance, experience much higher genetic drift than former, and hence appear more genetically removed from their predominant ancestral population.
That's why, for example, some non-European populations score "highest IE" (even though Europeans look the most like IE, and those non-Euro populations don't). Or that's why, for example, Balts and Basques score "most WHG", despite both of them looking nothing like Cro-Magnons.
And that's exactly why I think that physical anthropology is best tool in determining from which ancient group do we have highest amount of descent. "If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog, and barks like a dog- then it is a dog". Those researches are useful for tracking direct lineages (Y-DNA and mtDNA) and determining some phenotypical traits (such as pigmentation), but, at least currently, not for comparing them autosomally with modern populations.
Lastly, I would like to ask you to watch video I have uploaded (intended as VR to Varg), as I have talked quite a bit about European descent from these three fundamental groups in it.

Just look into the nordic mythology for the Æsir and the Vanir wars. Pretty much describes what you are talking about.
Arturo Stojanoff
6:30 Aragorn! The Ancient North Eurasians were the Dúnedains of the North :O
sho va
Im a true aryan bow down 2 me
raven scott
in the future everyone on this earth sooner or later will have some sort of " asian " .
Dadson worldwide
I think its clear that we come from Neanderthals. They were si attractive with there deverse eye and hair colors. They fact they lived homes never wondering cause they were able to drink milk and lightly farm allowing them to stay in a localized home.the humans just had to have a neanderthal boyfriend or girlfriend to the point all there children were mixed.
Do the pumped there way to extinction by being sexy as hell.
summerian anunnaki
This guy is obsessed with blondes all he talked about is blondes ancient indo-europeans they're Persian arminans kurds hittai and Greeks Slavic people dont existed until 800 years ago he trying to say everything blonde or northern Europeans started
dsskater539 sckupty
Looks like Eric Andre as that geico cave man
Normandie Kent
Since Native Americans are the purest direct descendants of the Malta-1 , and Afontova Gora-3 who are ANE, and they came from the Furthest North 36,000 years ago, they are the true Hyperboreans, and Aryans. The NAs have their Dna directly from the source, the Ancient North Eurasians, while Euros only have small amounts from 2 to 15 percent, from ancestors who were not full bloods, but mixed Steppe Nomads and Middle Eastern Farmers, and only from 4,500 years ago, and the strange Basal Eurasians, who are close to the African root. Native Americans have still have Ice Age adapted bodies, while Euros are mostly tropically adapted, South Asians, North Africans, and Sub Saharans, Polynesians, Melanesians, Australian Aborigines, Chinese, are all fully tropically adapted. The Ainu and the Japanese are partially tropically adapted because they have ancient South East Asian, or Melanesian-like ancestors. Native Americans, Siberians, are exclusively cold adapted
The Living Tribunal
reeee Gravettians with needles git out, northern Eurasia is Aurignacian land :^)
A lot of Mongols have ANE too, which is why some have blonde hair and blue eyes, while still looking Asian. Even their Religion (Tengrism) shares a LOT with the Indo European Religion, such as 3 souls, and having a Sky Father.
Joanna Chołuj
as I understand it, cro magnons were haplogroup I, old europeans. They mixed with R1
Joanna Chołuj
that s true, stories about Hyperborea are in Vedas, Avesta, but also in slavic mythology as well. Simply. in Vedas says that Aryans came from the north, from behind the mountains..
 All Hyperboreans - Siberians, if u wish, were hg R 1, then separated. I ve heard that yamna 's were r1b mostly, and corded were culture mostly r1a . Basically we are brothers..
U know,. I comment on ur websites, because I wish one day the scientists and people in Europe like us, slavonic or anglo-saxon-deutsch , will understand that we are brothers. Still, well, especially german-deutsch people have the tendency to deny it... or to act snob towards us...
While Germans Deutsch are the mix of r1a and r1b , they did not originate any culture. But did borrowed and learnt a lot. Also... well, "borrowed" the land with people, slavic people, r1a , for that matter. That s why half of germanic deutsch population is r1a and blond light color eyes.
it has to be said that slavic roots were distroyed by german pseudo-science and Hilter's ideas, who stole the swastika sacred symbol , part of our culture. Aryas never were racists. They were r1 people, giving the culture to all the world.
Infosec Emporium
Herodotus a 5th century Greek historian documented Hyperboreans as a people living North East of the Black Sea on one of his maps. Pausanias documented a trade route between Hyperborea and the City of Delos.
Pausanias, Description of Greece 1. 31. 2 :
"At Prasiai (Prasiae) [in Attika] is a temple of Apollon. Hither they say are sent the first-fruits of the Hyperboreans, and the Hyperboreans are said to hand them over to the Arimaspoi (Arimaspians), the Arimaspoi to the Issedones, from these the Skythians (Scythians) bring them to Sinope, thence they are carried by Greeks to Prasiai, and the Athenians take them to Delos."

The Ruins at the Arkaim site and numerous ruins found all throughout Russia paints a picture of a once urbanized North Asia. Arkaim is an interesting case study because the writing system found there can be linguistically tied to many other languages possibly every written language on the planet according to some.

Also there is a conspiracy theory surrounding a Medieval period empire called Tartaria which was documented in the CIA factbook as having existed but was covered up by communists historians during the USSR period of Russia. But this is much later culture who were allies of the Mongol empire. Russia has some amazing archeological sites and written accounts of them are starting to be translated for foreign readers.

Points: Hyperborea existed. Other North Asian civilizations existed and were buried by historians.
Völva Karin Marie Sacred Alter Ego
Great job
Gary Chynne
the short version of the history of the world. dad fucked mum and then went for a walk, did a little wiggle and had a little talk. thank yew thomas. take care gare
The Great Tatarians
The Genes Historian
I make videos about genetics, i made a video about the ancestors of the early european farmers basal eurasian ancestors. My next video would be about north european ancestry.
Leo S
I'm EV13 eupedia say that this is to a proto indo European Haplogroup But WTF means that. I mean I have Nordic features but other sides says that EV13 are black Haplogroup I don't understand anything. Please help me.
Angie B.
What about the mixing with European Neanderthals? One theory I heard was that the blond hair came from mixing with them.
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