A CRAZY Pizza Delivery Night: Thanksgiving Horror Story Animated 3 weeks ago   10:19

Steven D
You Asked For a Pizza, NOT a DATE WITH ME
Story By: RunningInCircles234

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death note

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Favian Mejia
I knew it! He Asian
Jose Valdez/ Kamen rider Zi-O
If I am boss and my employees who pizza delivery as women I will give her spray spicy or teaser gun best for women safe go work at night.
פלוני אלמוני
I want to kill the guy that is already dead I’m that disgusted
the song and the way he talked made this even scarier for me somehow lmao
Fhuck Yew
cut the low end on your microphone
Lynx gamer Lince
Swimming is an important skill in life. Plus its a good way to exercise all the muscles in your body
shrrttyan 2000
You have a nose !!🤣 so funny
Naruto Uzumaki
*_I AM A MAN_*
When he started whispering in her ear, I skipped to the part where she drove off. Way too creepy.
Dam Steven hot
9:04 ”wait a second, you have a nose?!” that one got me
Raven 777
Her boss needs to loose his job
Quin Quin
For me I'm scared to order food at night because I feel like someones going to try and hurt me because of anxiety
Limelight Wdw
Friend:I would smash lacy
Me:This is not smash or pass get out!
These give these light sentences to rapists and predators then give them the heavy sentences when they've already killed someone because they were released so soon.
XxBruhItz CuteCookiexX
HE COULD HAVE RAPE HER😱😱😱😱😱 btw he do an amazing job on the creepy guy voice especially when you said “we are going to have a good time”it bring shivers down my spine nicely work👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 BUT HE COULD HAVE RAPED HER😱😱😱😱
Dream Travel
Dude you look soooo much like the psycho in all your vids xp
Holy *full circle*
radea DVGL
wow you look like bts
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Thanksgiving Horror Story Animated A CRAZY Pizza Delivery Night: 3 weeks ago   03:48

[Thanksgiving Dinner]
Juan: It's time to eat
Erin: Seon, say grace before we eat
Me: grace before we eat

Link to audio: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/5dZjQ1NwhkZ
Audio belongs to Mr Nightmare, I’m not the voice actor !!

✨Thanks for watching✨
Happy early Thanksgiving, hope everyone spends it alive and breathing hehe

Also thanks for 14k subs— it means so much to me omg. Ill try to upload another vid on thanksgiving so stay tuned ✨✨
I don’t have an exact uploading schedule yet cause I can’t promise myself that I’ll be motivated to animate things in time, but my goal is at least 2 videos per month so plz stay lol