Why Elon Musk says we're Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument 5 months ago   03:40

You may like playing The Sims, but Elon Musk says you are the Sim.

Check out the full cartoon by Alvin Chang: http://www.vox.com/technology/2016/6/23/12007694/elon-musk-simulation-cartoon

Elon Musk thinks we are living in a simulated reality. Nick Bostrom think those chances are more around 20 percent. The chances of human kind participating in a simulated reality is broken down into three options: 1) humans go extinct before we are able to run a simulation of this size. 2) Humans are uninterested in running ancestor simulations. 3) We are currently participating in the simulation.

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Justin jj
Of course he thinks we're living in a simulation he's the ceo of tesla and space x and has a network of over 18 billion he's living the dream!
Blake Sanders
atomic bombs are just op pvp weapons
chris 45
I also think we’re living in a simulation
Monkey Desu
It's the Drowned Deer. He did all this.
Time for my monthly existential crisis
white rabbit
If I'm in some kind of futuristic advanced sims game can someone please upgrade me ....
ThePurple Worm
The fact that this was 2 years ago
Simulation theory by muse is what he’s musk is talking about
Carl Johnson
You're living in GTA simulation !
It’s not a simulation. This earth however does work like software and God has the control, but not total control, by choice.
Suga Kookies
But like looking at the earth's condition now,,,,,,,, we'll most likely be dead in another 50 years or so lmao except if us humans wake tf up and stops damaging this planet but that's kind of immposible...
Leen Rapz
Mistakes in the world like Fortnite are just glitches in the simulation
Benjamin xD
So when we have dreams, we actually take off our VR glasses?
Gabe Thornes
*you murder someone*

Judge: do you have anything to say for yourself?

Sai tej Chowdary
I’m coded to comment on this ! 🤖
Kenden Byrd
I don’t care how smart you are we ain’t no simulation?! Lol
My player/developer forgot to upgrade his hardware so I’m gonna be running around at 15 FPS
life is a simulation because shane dawson said so lol
Thinking about the future gives me panic attacks.
Kiel Malate
So who is the developers of this game? Can you please buff me?
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Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument Why Elon Musk says we're 5 months ago   08:46

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