Nasa are about to announce a major ORION - NASA's Deep Space 2 days ago   57:12

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Laura Powers
When will there be film from his window that show the earth and all the planets without CGI?
AR 23
What with cgi???? Go back to the moon and stream live the earth. We are all interested to see that.
Rosanne Coffman
How much will this cost taxpayers?
How about spending some of that money on homelessness!
Remnant Soldier
The only thing that causes ALL these different rapid changes in atmosphere, climate, temperature, volcanic, earthquake, etc, and the perturbations in the WHOLE solar system which is all happening, is another Body in the solar system.. but the governments, including NASA, and the scientists , those who know, do not want to tell 7.5 billion people.. because , they know they cannot stop a body 3 to 7 times the size of Earth from coming near Earth and causing catastrophic damage.. wake up people .. do your own research, stop believing in those in white coats.. EDUCATE YOURSELF and find out the Truth..
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ORION - NASA's Deep Space Nasa are about to announce a major 2 days ago   16:15

NASA's new deep space exploration spacecraft called Orion which will take humans farther into space than ever before including landing on an asteroid, the moons of Mars, and Mars itself. Space launch system.