Full monologue: Donald Trump Hillary Clinton's entire speech 2 days ago   18:10

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump roasted his rival Hillary Clinton during the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner. Trump joked about the "nasty woman" comment he made during the debate, Clinton's experience, Wikileaks and emails. Trump was booed and heckled by the audience during his speech.

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Chris Public
Coomunism ruins everything... even 4000 year old cultures
Teresa Horner chase
Smash n stone this WITCH
Michael L
Trump has no fear and is the boss!
murad tv
Trump iş gay
Vonkessel hieshmer
The guy on the right of trump looks like he belongs in the movie coneheads.
Drone World
The best speech since JFK.
leader of the world order
Truth Finder
2:21 told ya! This is hell of a dinner!😂
Cary Carpenter
Cardinal Dolan had the worst seat at the dais. He was seated between Trump and Clinton.
Trump is halirious. Got gut .This man.
Artem S
Hahaha... That was great
Enuf Al Ready
President Trump. Yay.🏛
John Barrett
Who's hollering about Rigged elections with Russia????? Irony abounding !
When a 🦁 walks into a 🦊 den 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Mr. President Trump from 🇦🇺🐨🦘🐨
Valerie Pritt
Democrats really have no sense of humor. Jokes a joke.
w p
I like how Count Dracula keeps looking at Hillarys' response !
What an idiot. And all of you commenting and praising him have fallen for the greatest con artist of all time. Everything was given to him. He has never worked a day in his life. What makes any of you believe he actually cares about the “working man”. I’m not even a democrat. I’m a republican and it blows my mind how many of you fell for it. You are nothing but mindless followers who can’t think for themselves.
Donald Trump, champion and avatar of the shallow state, has won power because his supporters are threatened by what they don't understand, and what they don't understand is almost everything....to many of them, knowledge is not a useful tool but a cunning barrier .
Stephen Trainer
How can the bishop sit next to Hillary
Sean Lange
Got to pay the troll toll
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Hillary Clinton's entire speech Full monologue: Donald Trump 2 days ago   18:51

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's entire speech from the Al Smith charity dinner in New York.