Island Hopping & Tops, Cebu Philippines 2010 - Puerto Princesa, 1 day ago   10:17

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Meet Catholic Nun from Tacloban after Super Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan. Quest Hotel & Ayala Mall Cebu. Mactan, Lapu-Lapu for island hopping & snorkelling. Han Kang Korean Restaurant & Freshwater Fishing, Mactan. Tops Lookout on Mt Busay, Cebu City. Philippines Season 1, Episode (7/26).

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B Adventures Australian Travel Vlogger. Exploring Philippines, Filipino culture, food, travel tips & tourist attractions.
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Oliver Del Napoles Baroman
i saw our church and school!!!! imissed lapu-lapu already....... awwww love the vlog
Rudy C
6:38 did she just throw something into the water? Not good!
The Journey
I have a church friend that has missionary friends in the Philippines and they have such a love for the country. I love your video and it makes me want to go. Just found you on youtube and I am excited I did. New sub here!
Quest Hotel!! I recognized the pool at 3:55 :D Great content, keep it coming!
My Tiny Atlas
I really enjoyed your Philippines series. I have been itching to go there for a very long time. Your videos really re-enforces all the beautiful things that the Philippines have to offer. Keep up the great work.
I wish I can be there, at Cebu for my next Vlog... the water bery clear and i like the scenery. How long u stay there?
cathalia Tecson
Richie D
I was born and grew up iin Cebu. Missed the place, missed the ladies...LOL
Bulay Says Hi
hahah "you find a nicer lady"
Juncel Vlogs
Love seeing your travel vlogs about the Pi! I'll upload my vlog on my travel there soon, check it out! =)
Buddy Lee Smiley
never been to tops at night.  very nice!
Romuald Gilg
your vdo's are cool dude... i'm regular in Cebu too, love it. keep on doing your vlog's.
Like that
rhey are badjao's...
GForce Investing
yer thats the one, tops hill. i want to check it out. anyway yer i saw this vid when you posted it jost forgot the end but remember the lovely nun haha crazy huh. i normally spend my time on a coast/beech area but stuck in city as i said on newer vid. sure we could share a beer and talk about a few places we've been and that might be of intrest to each other. im there mid may and again nov for a few months for a more adventurous return 8) il drop you a mail anyway in a few weeks take care buddy
Jon Jay
dude u pinoy speak tagalog!
Maricor Capio
nice vedeo Ever
juan def
Yul Olaivar
i really like the video great job !...Thank you for sharing.
I Am Happy And I Deserve It
even though they're homeless they still look happy
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Philippines 2010 - Puerto Princesa, Island Hopping & Tops, Cebu 1 day ago   14:14

It's a paradise for seafood lovers.