SLICK TRACK puts multiple THE MOST AMAZING DRAG RACES 2 days ago   15:52

Bounty Hunters is always one of the craziest no prep events we attend! This March, the event did not disappoint yet again! There were some close calls and unfortunately the wall claimed a couple cars this year. Aside from the sketchiness of how slick the track is, some insanely impressive builds come out to compete and it really is mind blowing to watch some of these teams get the non prepped track figured out and battle it out for the top spot in their class! We hope you guys enjoy this one as much as we did!

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Pickle Jay
Seems dumb.
the one
No prep no sense
Firebird should have just got out of it. Camaro half-tracked him in less than half a track
get rid of this racing
How fast is you're car?. Prep the track and you'll find out.
dick Root
What a stupid idea..
Garrett Thon
at 14:00 why are they towing that sonic? anyone know?
jeffrey hollenbeck
the old guy with the truck reminds me of my friend { i drive it every day i don't care if it has 2000 hp or not it is too cool not to drive it on the road } that is my friend and he never gets tickets i don't get it he has more in is truck then his house
Tommy Arnold
Ryan loves racing but not the fans lol
James Olsen
Concrete walls is old technology
Frankie Teague
Just pure genious takin all the prep off and killin other peoples cars. Pure genious.
Dan Hillman
Accidents can happen but that kind of power on that kind of track is begging for trouble.
larry lomascolo
this is the most dumb thing i have seen,stupid
Overcast Friday
The night footage isn't grainy at all. What camera is being used?
Louisa Mckee
B b,
sand man4thewoke
Why would they do that ??????
Why keep racing if the track stupid slick?? If you're cool with that track, maybe just race in the rain too? What's the difference at that point??
Scott West
You have a slick track, you watch others hit the wall, yet you still race. Now that's fuckin dumb.
welsh kraken
why did that car 13:10 win when he clearly jumped the lights...? then go on to brag about it when he didn't even win... "I love all them guys to death but we are cheating fucks that jumped the lights..."
welsh kraken
The fuck kind of idiot keeps putting adverts at the best places… fuck me man put them in shit places…
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THE MOST AMAZING DRAG RACES SLICK TRACK puts multiple 2 days ago   10:40

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