Kodak Black - Close To The Grave Kodak Black - Unexplainable [Official 6 months ago   03:27

Kodak Black
Kodak Black - Close To The Grave [Official Music Video]

Dying To Live Out Now!
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Cheline Byrd
Yall gotta waake up!!!! Kodak sold his soul in hail and if you look closley... its not the same person hes empty and in another video i saw his face was blacked out everytime he waas in the church and then in the end when he tried to come in for prayer he was normal and theen while he was inside the prayer circle his eyes flipped as the demonic spirit re entered his body they paid him 50 mil and let him out of jail to deliver all of these satanic videos and to do a couple of murders (NY) I really feel sorry for him but if you watch that video that comes on as q mini doc for when he came out you can see he is not the same and his eyes heep flipping and look how he kept coming at nyounh Ma...Hes definately not himself lately and since he has rhe mostt viiews he can reach the masses wit
Rodd Mays
One of the Greatest songs he’s GOT ‼️‼️🙏🏿
Jamari Manigo
william mcswain
Criminalized yet idolized
Zauditu Fagan
i wish i could understand him ... damn ..... love it anyhow anyway
Oh Kush420
Token Trips
Everybody say I changed and ain't been the same ....u Neva no these days
Patrick Rhynard
The only thing I have to say is Kodak kill it my Nigga!
Pete Jones
On GANGSTACRIP sumtyme I wanna grab my gun sumtyme I don't wanna say nuttin
Aaron Lopez
Can't judge a nikka if you ain't been the through the blood n pain ...🙏🙏🙏⏳⏳🚫🚫1800baby
Selvin xxx
Sometimes just wanna grab a gun sometimes I just don’t wanna hear nun “I feel the shit deep inside me 🥶💔
6lu Hundreds
That 2nd verse 🔥🔥🔥 sheesh!!!
pot pie
You will repeat this song this many times
Francis Favor
Johno Wall
Say that 2x
Free Yak
Free Yak
Sharain Stith
🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yung Gunzman
On repeat
Yung Gunzman
This song get me through my days, I've been listening to it for about 8months non stop.. thanks homie
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Kodak Black - Unexplainable [Official Kodak Black - Close To The Grave 6 months ago   02:32

Kodak Black - Unexplainable

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