The Truth About The iPad Pro... This Face Will Eat Your 1 week ago   08:08

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I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.

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Unbox Therapy
iPad Pro or Laptop?
Vasudeva Pai
why does he have zoomed lens camera? delusional...
Brock MacDonald
So you'd not miss the laptop if you just had a bluetooth keyboard and a better case? I'd miss my screen angle adjustment - I'm a tall guy and my wife is short, so we'd be disagreeing about viewing angle I'm sure. I'm a speaker and recruiter. Data entry and email, reading and writing, database management etc. would it work? I always use a second screen, but could just get an Apple TV right?
The Pamplemoussian
The problem for me is Apple is trying to sell this as a laptop, when it's just not. Without a true file manager, text editor (thinking like notepad on Windows), and a mouse cursor, I really don't know if I can call it a laptop. However, I think the biggest problem is the fact that many programs you really need on a desktop just don't exist for iOS. For example, you cannot get a full version of Microsoft Word. Considering the fact that you can get it on Mac, if that's a program you use, you couldn't say that your next laptop will be an iPad Pro because you would just be using the mobile version.

Honestly, I don't see what makes this different from previous iPads. Yes, there's smaller bezels, gesture navigation, and FaceID, but overall it's still just an iPad, or in other words a big iPhone without the phone (unless you pay extra for the LTE version). Even the keyboard, it might be the first one Apple makes themselves, but you've always been able to get them for iPads, so I don't really see that as enough of a selling point to consider this a laptop (especially considering the keyboard's cost).
Albert Cervera
Maybe nobody will ever read this, but to be honest, I really think that this new iPad it might really be a computer for someone who has administration-related tasks in its daily use, since it's capable of word-processing apps and some other cloud-based applications, however I'm a computer scientist developer and I required a computer that is capable of running simulations, of letting me to code some machine learning and train Neural Networks. Maybe, many engineers will see the iPad just as a fancy way to write some documents, but that's it. I wish someday the iPad allows full programming capabilities as well as IA libraries to be run.
Zilli Auditore
File management is a bit of a problem for me. However; with the work I’m doing i managed to make better use of my online storage. I do love the keyboard for some reason. It’s quite responsive. Big negative is the blockage of external HD’s. So sad.
It's kinda funny cuz the model look likes the iPhone 7 in mat black
Zou Uuu
the content is good, but srsly still using the "truth about" in your title ?
Hendrik Delagrange
You just made the case for the Surface Pro.
ed rosa
If I have to do a significant amount of typing on my iPad I normally use Siri. My iPad Air2 has replaced 90% of the things I do on a computer. For the most part my computer has been relegated to backing up my ios devices and heavier video editing.
Bryan B
For me, it’s iPad Pro. Haven’t used a MacBook in 6 months. But not everyone can get away with it.
damon stelly
I have both. Basically my iPad replaced my laptop and my laptop replaced my desktop. My Laptop is not as mobile as it was before my iPad.
Al Lan
I don't do coding so I prefer an iPad Pro 2018
Ti Ko
I bought a Monitor for my MB Pro and use it as a home computer now. The ipad Pro became sort of my "laptop" cause it's much more convenient to carry around.
Edgar Obare
This is actually a decision I agonize over, as I want to move from a laptop and get a Mac or Mac mini for the power. But wondering if an iPad can solve my portability need on the go. But the price of an iPad Pro is an entire laptop 😩
Eli Cezaire
What wallpaper is that it looks great
Labib Rahman
I think you're the only YouTuber who understands this very thing that we as a normal consumer cannot afford to shell out so much money on a single device and have to make a choice.
Shawn Terry
Why not try a bluetooth mac keyboard?
Unless there is a sane way to install and run proper desktop linux on it, I will stick with hating apple.
Aaron Stanley
Can u edit a video on the iPad?
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This Face Will Eat Your The Truth About The iPad Pro... 1 week ago   04:11

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This is easily the creepiest product I've ever featured on Unbox Therapy.

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