The Truth About The iPad Pro... This Face Will Eat Your 6 months ago   08:08

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I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.

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Unbox Therapy
iPad Pro or Laptop?
Mendo Dave
I’ve had the 11” for about 6 weeks now. I bought the pencil, but didn’t get the keyboard folio. I just bought a regular case instead. I’m finding that I use this more than my Mac Mini. Editing video is only slightly more difficult than doing it on the mini as far as work flow, but only slightly. This thing is also super powerful, as well as being super portable. This is the take anywhere computer, in bed, out in the backyard, on the couch. I even had this thing at Home Depot entering SKU’s and prices into a spreadsheet for a bathroom remodel, just walking around the store and standing in the isle figuring out what I was going to need. Try that with a laptop or even a phone. The speakers are pretty good as well. Often times I don’t bother to pair it to a Bluetooth speaker unless I’m playing music, but like a YouTube video I can hear that just fine. I haven’t used the USB C for anything yet other than charging the iPad but I’ve been considering getting a memory stick for video files. In short I really like it, and for me it is a laptop replacement. I have the Mac Mini in my office for all the mouse / keyboard traditional computing stuff and find that I just don’t need a laptop at all.
Sadaf Khan
What is the price of apple ipadpro
Turbo Tastic Gaming
The truth about me being broke.
Anon ymous
This guy acts so fake its literally impossible to judge if what he is saying is bullshit or not
try reviewing the logi keyboard folio .. much better and with all the function buttons almost gives the laptop feel..
Cross-Examing God
I am going to be doing a lot of video editing for my church services, can I do all that on an IPad Pro?
Kit Rocks
And the truth about this channel is that it’s bull shit
I own one, but I only draw and watch Netflix on it.
First Name Last Name
There are some amazing keyboard case options for the IPad Pro now. Personally I like the keyboard case keyboards better then the MacBook Pro’s current keyboard.
It can't be used for gaming, serious music production (I mean come on who uses GarageBand), and it's as expensive as laptops with higher spec and battery capacity. However it's cool I guess and it'd be good for the travelling artist or businessperson.
I've been thinking to buy it mainly to draw by Autocad, anyone would suggest it to me for this? Or is not useful?
James Ofianga
It can't actually replace a computer, but it can replace a phone
Mohammad Khalil
Bend easily 😔
Abel & Qayin
You ranted so many things but they were all secondary and almost just based on your preference. The new iPad Pro is a killer. For artist this device is everything.
Fukn hell, you lost me at 4:00 😴
Stephen Scott
Just ordered one. A new cool tech toy.
Pen shoulda been black
price of that case almost gave me a heart attack
A Brock
I like the iPad Pro, but it will never replace a desktop or laptop computer for me, just like my phone would never replace them either. It is a great device for what it is and can do different things than all the other devices which is why it is nice to have one. That being said, owning all of these devices can get expensive so of course you would need to have the budget to own them. If I had a choice between an iPad, Laptop or would be a laptop simply because it is the most versatile device of the three.
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This Face Will Eat Your The Truth About The iPad Pro... 6 months ago   04:11

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This is easily the creepiest product I've ever featured on Unbox Therapy.

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