The Day South Park Died Top 10 South Park Movie Parodies 1 day ago   16:34

Entertain The Elk
An exploration into the history of South Park, its unique writing style, and the episode that sparked its downfall to mediocrity.

*NOTE: It's not my intention to offend anyone's religious beliefs. Because of that, I've blurred out the image of Muhammad in this video. I hope everyone can understand and respect that decision (even if you may not agree with it) and still enjoy the video. Thank you!


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Entertain The Elk
What topic should I explore next in my Day ___ Died series?
Hik Son
In my opinion south park hasn't died
Bcuz Why Not
The day I died
Finally, someone who agrees with me.
I cant beleve that you censor Mohammed. My humor feels offended and suppressed.
I honestly like it the way it is.
Timothy Lee
Kind of ironic that the very formula that south park relied on for it's success killed it.
daniel allen
The town of South Park is not fictitious. It is west of Denver North of a little town called Fairplay. In South Park there is a painting of Mr.Hankey on a building. I dont think there is more than 500 people that live there.
Equate Null
They caved and ran with their tails between there legs...when the Muslims started howling about Muhammad being portrayed as the *uckwit scumbag that he is...
I SAY “F” the Muslims and the Scumbag they worship!
Jack Furmanek
Season 20 fell apart at the seams, Season 21 returned to the great point of previous years, Season 22 became too apologetic, serialized, and preachy about it's own existence for me to enjoy it in the end
DarK AngeL
South park is not dead. You are...
Jason blundell
the day how it died , died
Phil Swift
The day that entertain the elk died.
resound x
this sucks
lentilgnz 0628
Which is the episode where Sharon is washing clothes and throws a pair of Randy’s underwear with a 💩 stain on them and doesn’t react to it at all?
Donald Trump
I'm the most talked about human being in the entire planet
Finanzamt 7
trump ruined south park.... now we know
Tristan Christiansen
Maybe command and conquer?
Jack Mills
It makes sense to title this video "The Day South Park Died", but, the show didn't actually die, it only got ill. Therefore, there are more dislikes than usual and spawned criticisms saying it didn't die. But, the video wouldn't get the views it gotten if it was called Almost Died. Therefore, Entertain The Elk called it "The Day South Park Died".
Joseph Doherty
I wouldn't say died but was heading for a crash. Luckily in Season 22 they dropped that nonsense and they are doing fine again. Seriously though season 20-21 were the low points of the series so far.
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Top 10 South Park Movie Parodies The Day South Park Died 1 day ago   08:46

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The South Park writers are just as big movie buffs as we are. For this list, we’re looking at our favorite episodes in “South Park” that parody our favorite films. Our list includes awesome South Park movie parodies such as “Night of the Living Homeless”, “World War Zimmerman”, “Mecha-Streisand”, “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers”, and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 South Park Movie Parodies.

List Rank and Entries:
#10. “World War Zimmerman”
#9. “Major Boobage”
#8. “HumancentiPad”
#7. “MechaStreisand”
#6. “Toilet Paper”
#5. “DYikes!”
#4. “Fantastic Easter Special”
#3, 2, 1: ???

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