The Day South Park Died Top 10 Rick and Morty Theories 1 day ago   16:34

Entertain The Elk
An exploration into the history of South Park, its unique writing style, and the episode that sparked its downfall to mediocrity.

*NOTE: It's not my intention to offend anyone's religious beliefs. Because of that, I've blurred out the image of Muhammad in this video. I hope everyone can understand and respect that decision (even if you may not agree with it) and still enjoy the video. Thank you!


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Entertain The Elk
What topic should I explore next in my Day ___ Died series?
ha i remember when i asked you to do this like two years back
Jared Maly
just stop
Anton Slavik
Like everything that becomes insanely popular, SP died when they attempted to broaden their appeal. Of course I'm just some old guy who stayed up late on a school night to watch the first seasons, but its gritty absurdity that railed against mainstream culture is what defined, made it unique, and made it popular. I don't have encyclopedic knowledge like I used to, but I put it around season 16 when they started to drift toward needlessly polished graphics and surreal absurdity. It couldn't go on forever, so maybe they should have stopped there. The SP I remember was critical of how parents treat children, the invasion of ordinary life by celebrity etc it was actually teaching us something, which is rarely done correctly
Age Hernandez
You are honestly being a girl about this. Very cringey.
Age Hernandez
This is the dumbest title for a YouTube video. tHe dAy souF poRK DIEd.
Season 20 and 21 were terrible but Season 22 was amazing
bo adams
Trump 2020!
Daniel Smith
Ur opinion isnt valid because u arent a content creator or a writer
Haven't even watched this, just came to say that south park didn't die and you're wrong.
Rob Jr
The joke is that Trump made it to president and no one needs him Obama set it so the country can run on auto pilot
Season 19 is my favorite!
Astrah Cat
Coming from a South Park fan that's seen every single episode, the Whole Foods season was one of the best seasons if not the best season of South Park. Every week me and my brother would be waiting about the next episode. It was when they got caught up in bashing Trump and the season that started with the white people renovating houses that it's been in a slump, but it's been in slumps before like this, I mean think about the lice episode for example.
Bradley Toccata
I’m pretty sure Springfield is a real city
Gonzalo Gonzales
Naw its still live fam
Old Drifter
I thought it was great.
Amado Hernandez
Temp 23 :'v the day when south park die
Gabriella Comito
5:22. SERIOUSLY!? Is that font only available in the color white?!?!
john waff
Politics ruin comedy.
Leftists just think it died, because they realize that Matt and Trey are republicans :)
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Top 10 Rick and Morty Theories The Day South Park Died 1 day ago   10:46

As one of the most popular animated shows in the last decade, Rick and Morty was always bound to have endless fan theories and speculation. So we rounded up 10 of the best and most rickdiculous. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

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