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The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.

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The last belt i got was the blue belt back in high school. Now im merely a beer gut in 30's.
Shake hands Gav!!! Stop being so cringe!!!
That is so insane
julia Hong
also, she telegraphs exactly what she is going to do by throwing her arms forward slightly then comletely back. which will intern get you clocked in the face. This stupid system of it taking 2 years to earn a black belt is outrageous. that doesnt take determination. for them its like school. its not a black belt, and it doesnt have the true meaning of the black belt. Instead it is just some "award" for them going there for 2 years and not even learning how to correctly block themselves. Taekwondo is utter garbage. Change my mind.
That moment when these boards are made of one of the most fragile woods LOL
JAN The gamer YT
I am High Blue belt in Taekwondo in the Philippines :>
I can almost do 540 tho tbh.
Also one more I am red belt yeeeee!!!!
Aymei Deona
Dan, you are so embarrassing xD
Aidan Jan
The grain on the board Dan was trying to break was horizontal, so it is practically impossible to break. The board Gav broke had a vertical grain, so it is easy.
Vinicius d S.
this style is only for fights in cinemas, to defend or to attack someone, they lose even for street fighters with no technique at all
Should’ve gotten joe rogan
Adam K.
Imagine pulling up and seeing all these dudes hop out a car to jump you
Brennan Probasco
Why does gav never shake hands with anyone?
Kory Carterby
Gavs face when Dan punches the board was priceless. Like, “hahaha, this is gonna hurt”
Alex Lee
I’ve been to there demos at Seoul. I’ve been doing TKD for 12 years and they keep elevating techniques I’ve never imagined
Jesus Alvarez
minipicture Eric Cantona lol
I want the same thumbnail when he gets kicked by a pony in slow motion
Nezox YT
*7:36** ooohhh, there is a sound like if he broke his fist*
The boards dont hit back. These kicks prove nothing.
Chike Nnabugwu
3:10 you’re missing orange purple and brown... unless it’s a different form of Tae Kwon Do, but I’m pretty sure belts stay the same
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Muay Thai Champion vs. Taekwondo Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert 1 day ago   05:52

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