Hurricane Florence: The storm that Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster 3 months ago   01:50

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Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall on the east coast of the United States and it could be the deadliest one to hit the Carolina states since 1851.

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Галина Хотенко
IN THE VISION OF A 12-YEAR GIRL VISE, PRISONED JESUS THE LAST CALL !! REFUSAL IN YOUR SINS AND SAVE YOUR SOUL. !!!! 1. To you, people, brothers God the Creator, who manages the whole planet
A single, loving Father draws his call from heaven.
2) The hour of judgment will come soon, before God all will have to appear
And now, the invocation of God's voice, to all living people is heard.
3) Listen to everything, listen to the earth, peoples, tribes, languages
I appeal to you, I, the Lord your God, the Creator, the Master.
4) O people, listen to Me, I have given you a house, your planet,
I filled it like a crowded cup.
5) Among the planets, she chose, arranged everything on her beautifully,
And I created pure air like a dome, blue and clear.
6) And he gave you clean water, the source of life and movement
For you to do all the good, because everything is for you, My creation.
7) Forests and depth of the seas, and mountains of the summit of snow,
He planted animals everywhere, and produced the fruits of the earth.
8) Filled the seas with fish, and created a living soul for the birds,
For you all for good, I gave you everything, the seas and the land.
9) For you, the whole beauty of the fields, the flowers of the living fragrance,
And the surface of the lakes, the surf of the seas, and the stars of the night charm.
10) I covered your planet, home of my own, with a layer of atmosphere,
And deep into the earth's crust, wealth was laid without measure.
11) Everything on earth, I created here, you did not create anything here,
And as the earth was created by me, you still do not understand.
12) You are powerless, at least something, to add to My creation,
Reinforce or turn, the earth is an eternal movement.
13) In the darkness of the ages, the hour passed away, the planets of your birthday,
I created it for you, not grateful creatures.
14) You, people, too, I created, placed above all creatures,
Health, strength I gave you, I put in the pursuit of knowledge.
15) I have reflected my image in you, gave me a bright mind for cognition,
Free will has endowed, and boundless daring.
16) I gave you wives and gave them children, with a charming and gentle look,
I gave your wives to my husbands, and made your life a joy.
17) For life on earth I gave, the law of love, the law of forgiveness,
And friendship, brotherhood bequeathed, and the mind gave, for management.
18) And your conscience cleared to you, that it condemns you,
As a formidable guard, in the darkness a signal, from an evil deed was turning away.
19) That on the earth the order was, that you all happily owned,
All that I have given you, only for good use.
20) That you were here on earth, My faithful sons,
Then they could come to Me, enriched with gifts.
21) In what have you turned, the gifts of My bounty?
You are everything, from head to foot, in the evils of your evil deeds.
22) And their conscience clean, muddled all over the world,
Sinless little children, with a sin, as a poison they gave to drink.
23) And destroy your soul, you defiled their deeds,
They abandoned My ways, they enslaved themselves by their sin.
24) All your thoughts, do evil, and sow death and destruction,
The misfortune of all of you has clung, and you do not have the aspirations for the good.
25) And the voice of your conscience, for a long time you have muffled,
One enmity among people, love and truth you forgot.
26) You have become the horror of the living, like a thief, murderer and detractor
And I can not take you like that to Heaven, to My abode.
27) Me, the Creator, the King of kings, in all dialects blaspheme,
In disbelief, in your insolence, you are talking about oskarbleniya.
28) And it's all because I gave life to you happiness on earth,
My hand was given to you, the light of the sun, bread and everything else.
29) On this I have created you, oh, you, reasonable creatures,
I have defined you for eternity, and life with an abundance of pleasure.
30) Where is your reason, what did I give you? And what did you do with yourself?
And what did you do there, with My beautiful land?
31) Centuries are coming, and you are on it, waging war endlessly,
Go to your death, between each other enmity forever.
32) The earth in the blood, and everything on it, violence, groaning, need, suffering,
I must by my will, interrupt her existence.
33) Here you, in all your affairs, your thoughts and bodies,
And in behavior and consciousness, I do not like you.
34) The enemy does not want to submit, has condemned himself to burn in fire,
And not only to languish alone, he wants to attract you to himself.
35) He is an abomination, every lie is a father, a bearer of evil and crime,
You and him share the end, distraught creation.
36) Why should you destroy yourself, and receive a terrible lot?
Here you could foreverlive in My abodes of beauty. 37. Stop on the way, come to your senses, My creatures, Why do you have to go to perdition, to the agony of eternal suffering? 38) Correct your ways, and you will change your life, Come the people of all the earth, and accept all my words. 39) And mercy, I will render you, I will receive to myself, already forgiven, Not by merit and deeds, but by the Blood of the Son of the redeemed. 40) Oh, people, brothers, God is calling! Listen to the call of salvation, The end of the inevitable awaits, for all sins and transgressions. 41) Today you have time, everything lasts God's patience, And now it sounds to you at this hour, from the skies of the Creator a warning. 42) The last call sounds, God calls for repentance, But there will be time, a terrible hour, the end of a human villainy. 43) That will be a terrible day when, the Lord of the people of the earth will condemn, And the door will close forever, no one will be forgiven. 44) The end of the earth, the end of everything, people will suffer the reward, And cast sinners into darkness, where weeping and eternal suffering
taj raasak
Putin's new weapon.
Happy for you Americans
Mr. Avery
Zeek M
Too bad it won't be enough to kill you CNN
Carolynska S
I was selling my house to come to South more. I am so worried about the people down there but they will prevail. They are strong and resiliant.

Where I live in Connecticut twenty two houses were taken down by the federal government after Hurrianes Sandy and Irene.

Lots of the neighbors refused to leave and decided to rebuild up to code. I still believe none of us are safe on the shoreline.

For some reason, although I had to use a rowboat on the street .my property got no water. I researched my deed all the way to 1918 and there was never a claim or any indication of water even in the Hurricane of 1938.
God must really hate USA !
twins for life
I live in south Carolina😱😱😱😱😱😱I am going to die😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Boo !
were going to need a lot of big beautiful towels...
Boo !
relax, its all a Chinese hoax..
Bennystropical swimmig wolf
Don't forget the animal in the shelters
S̝E̝N̝A̝T̝O̝R̝ A̝G̝R̝A̝P̝A̝
God helps cleaning the Liberals.
person unknown
Power will be down for many..all these events recorded in the bible yet you still didnt listen..many of you scoff and mock GOD'S devastation hits..repent and turn to JESUS CHRIST before its too late people..eternity is a REAL long luke 21:11-30 romans 10:9-13 if you confess the LORD JESUS CHRIST and BELIEVE in your heart that GOD raised HIM from thr dead you SHALL BE SAVED..things will and are getting worse now..GBY ALL :(,,,,,, UK
Marilyn Mclean
Try to imagine being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Having been in one myself that lasted for three days, it was a nightmare of a storm. Pray for all of them, the aftermath is the worst. What a way to end summer.
Tacosaurus Rwarr!
Prayers! Wish u Americans luck
then theres me who lives in the uk lmao
Martine Whitear
So scary for everyone
Ghosty Fiber
Looks scary, prayers for the people 😔
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Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster Hurricane Florence: The storm that 3 months ago   04:45

Hurricane Florence expected to bring catastrophic flooding to the Southeast, with as much as 40 inches of rain in North Carolina alone.