TOY SLOT CAR DRAG RACING TOY "Cars" JAMBOREE 3 months ago   49:33

It's RACE DAY! The picks are in and the cars are lined up for side by side drag racing KING OF THE HILL Style. No Prep, No Tree Go on 3 style. Let,s see who takes it.

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Get off my turf😜
Jayden Zerfoss
I’m not familiar to slot car racing is there a difference from car to car or is it random?
Danish Hakimi
Christine win vs viper
ilikebananas /
those cars are really cool. did you custom made it?
Eril Park
If you can put on hot wheels cameras on this slot car it will be more interesting to watch,, just a suggestion though
First race = when the vtech kicks in
Michael Porter
Wheres the Maserati mah man!?!?
Im just kidding this is a really good video. Thanks for content!
Submarine Seb
Looking at this just gives me Warms Feelings Of Childhood! :D
Killer squad raceing
The 43 cars your are mine
grandayatollah sadr
this racing car cool like batman car
Riko Palmer
Its pronounced seyat not seet
I yelled VTEC when the civic passed the viper
Vinny Ambrose
I used to Drag Race 1/25 with Pro Comp 69 Camaro from Parma. Was fun until we lost our track, the owner went out of business. His fault as he had a bad business plan, half the time he would not charge racers for events.
Husky Fan_awesome kid
Awww come on no pickup trucks.
Curtis Womack
Some of those tires sound like wood. The tires on the Chevelle were square.
drag boats in the pool next.
Ronnie McDade
What scale is the avrg car?some look big or u dudes just have small hands. 😁
Jess Markel
Johnathen Dana
Mock-6 vs raceer x
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TOY "Cars" JAMBOREE TOY SLOT CAR DRAG RACING 3 months ago   35:52

Playtime with Cars toys including playsets, racing and more! It's an all out Cars Jamboree!

The following toys featured in this video were sent to us by our friends at Mattel:
20 inch Lightning McQueen
Thomasville Racing Speedway
Smash and Crash Derby
Willy's Butte Transforming Track
3 Regular Cars vehicles
Movie Moves Talking McQueen
Movie Moves Talking Cruz Ramirez
All other toys including
The Ultimate Florida Speedway were
Purchased by GHOSTJERKER