TOY SLOT CAR DRAG RACING TOY "Cars" JAMBOREE 4 months ago   49:33

It's RACE DAY! The picks are in and the cars are lined up for side by side drag racing KING OF THE HILL Style. No Prep, No Tree Go on 3 style. Let,s see who takes it.

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Get off my turf😜
Eatpoop 625
Look at that viper tho!
Randy Potts
crashing them at the end?
Lashorna Washington
yes fun to get into
aldo geraldo
Make another toy slot drag again, pls
Leticia Metz
El auto de meteoro!!
Tom Hall
1, 2, go. Every race was redlighted. Need a better starting system.
Arkia bags
Beatboxer Kid
Theres so many camaro
Dion Tamatea
I hope you guys were stoned
utara 4daerah
Seriously i enjoyed
Martha Reyes
Where can I get a tracking and cars like that me my boys would love this!!!
Man if grown adults playin with toys, this makes me feel like a kid again just watching 😂
Bajrush Shtraza
ItsyoboyCJbet Fortnite,forza,gta
Nissan GTR
Speed Racer
My car needs to win
Wayne Miller
I don't think any of the races were Fair one side of the track don't seem to be getting as much power considering it lost every time
Wayne Miller
Lmfao at this content made by grown adults
Nate da Great
What is it called for I can buy it
Gustavo Adolfo Gamboa Lizarraga
I love cars
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TOY "Cars" JAMBOREE TOY SLOT CAR DRAG RACING 4 months ago   35:52

Playtime with Cars toys including playsets, racing and more! It's an all out Cars Jamboree!

The following toys featured in this video were sent to us by our friends at Mattel:
20 inch Lightning McQueen
Thomasville Racing Speedway
Smash and Crash Derby
Willy's Butte Transforming Track
3 Regular Cars vehicles
Movie Moves Talking McQueen
Movie Moves Talking Cruz Ramirez
All other toys including
The Ultimate Florida Speedway were
Purchased by GHOSTJERKER