Homeless Babies And Toddlers Endure 49 Days On The Streets: From The Day I Became 1 day ago   04:58

A growing number of homeless children are spending their nights in a San Diego emergency shelter, and their days on the streets. In the first of a two-part series, KPBS reporter Susan Murphy tells us about a shelter's push for a preschool to keep homeless children safe.

Read more: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2013/may/30/emergency-shelter-wants-preschool-keep-homeless-ch/

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Poor babies and moms! It s heartbreaking
Myfaith love
so sad I thank God for his blessing God bless them all I pray for them 😔❤💛🧡
Travis Krause
Homeless people with kids I can only imagine how hard that would be and how incredibly strong they'd have to be but then again you got no choice but to be strong but how they get there isnt fathomable to me!!! I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to end up there people quitting on people that count on them to be there is part of it!!!
Marie Villella
We need to look after our own before taking in migrants
Farzarna Fazli
Think before you breed
Alvin Leong
Why dun the American billionaires do something?
Katherine Pena
God bless those mothers for never giving up on their children !!
Dee Marie
Stacy Lambors
This is F up n mean while the illegals are crossing are BORDERS
How rich was this country again?
Mabelina Durán
This is so hard to watch :'(
I argued with a pro life supporter and seeing this I want her or him to tell me is it really a blessing idea to bring kids into the world?
robert white
What a backward country.
Foxy Fiske
It takes two incomes to rent or own a home. So people who do not remain married or monogamous with work have a huge disadvantage when they have children. Everyone's stories are more complex. But it all has to deal with how expensive it is in live in southern California.
lynn marie
Figure it out idiots , USE BIRTH CONTROL !!!!
Stephii Loveless
Breaks my heart for those babies and children :/ those poor mothers ❤ i couldn't imagine being homeless with a baby.
Strawberry Cream
That lil one's kisses stole my heart
This shit breaks my heart! If they had some sort of help daycare for the kids so the moms can get a job this might not be as packed.
Sheila Mccullough
They can do better by them GOVERNMENT
So sad :(
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49 Days On The Streets: From The Day I Became Homeless Babies And Toddlers Endure 1 day ago   08:53

Homeless at 18, and not a top priority for social services because of her age, Imogen has to resort to sleeping on mates' sofas, on the streets, or in emergency accommodation. Over 49 days of being homeless, she documents the toll it takes on her mental health.

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