WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power Pizza Parking - Game Grumps 2 days ago   14:45

A crime has occured in the Game Grumps office... Will Arin and Dan will get to the bottom of it?
What should we do next? Let us know!

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Dir/shot/edit by Tucker and Matt
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izaac rodriguez
Hey Matt and Ryan may be less talented, but they are pretty handsome dudes!
Ryan Nasworthy
This makes me want to see an episode of 10 minute power hour posed as an episode of The Office
“Ike it’s him get him!!!.... oh hi Spencer who’s a good boy!” I die laughing!
Sabaidee Bee
10:34 Golden Ratio in the framing
Why the fuck is no one talking about Vernon's Oscar-winning performance?
The idea of being a part of game grumps as a whole... I’d love that
Matt and Ryan are not having it
HATZ Rulez
All I can think is the guy who played the guy who stole the dinosaurs. Who the fuck stole the Dinosaurs?
Bitch Lesbian
sarah !
maybe i WANT to buy almonds, arnold
Brigid Marie
The ending messages are slowly getting creepier and creepier...
Kobe Wilson
I'm scared.
Shelly Makaveli
I know this comment probably won't get seen by the Game Grumps but I so very very very much want to work with them. They are the coolest and I hate what I have to do to get by and I just love their atmosphere and I love everything about Game grumps. They are the best type of people.
Max Browning
I feel like the amount of time they mention furries is going up exponentially
Ashton Gregory
Super mega was really having none of this. Also if that was legit Allie using that picture was kinda fucked up
are the almonds really fucking up our agriculture? i really love almonds, and i dont wanna give them up :(
Imma need those dino girls if you dont mind...
Esme L
i clicked on this video thinking "who's that cute girl in the thumbnail?" n then realized it was dan.....bisexual energy
Mitchell Smith
I was happily watching this episode until I noticed that Ross had a anime tiddy mousepad.... and then I realized that I think that that's actually Astolfo
Adam Malik
This was one of my favourite power hours so far. It doubled as a fun and immersive tour also.
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Pizza Parking - Game Grumps WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power 2 days ago   23:45

Fun boys play fun pizza game about fun parking.
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