Mark Steel: Whichever idiot General Election 2017 ‘Can’t 6 months ago   05:46

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As Theresa May declines to participate in a succession of TV debates and media appearances in the run-up to the General Election in order to concentrate on Brexit, Independent columnist Mark Steel considers how she'd probably love to get her hands on whoever called it in the first place.

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vijaya fernando
Mind you ,who is the idiot who called for a yes /no referendum without knowing what yes or no means
neville animusic
Rob Sara
Not a left wing Marxist is he??
Mark Marsh
May didn't show up to debate because she KNEW that Jeremy Corbyn would hand her oligarchic Zionist Whore ass to her in CINDERS.
Stuart Ashbourne-Martin
One thing about that hard faced cow we don't need to see her ugly face on television so I'm glad you didn't take any in our debates and now we got the Granville fire disaster which is going to be a white wash the survivors and victims families need answers they won't get in from that cow the quote Neil Kinnock I think the Conservative Party looks after the Conservative Party and the Labour Party looks after everybody else I couldn't agree with you more if he said it was it Arthur Scargill young and old Queen Who votes labour
Never underestimate the British People! Never take us for granted. She has paid the ultimate price for her mistakes.
Sidney Sidney
That's what he is supposed to do debate to come prime minster she's fucked it up for her self she's trying to take meals from kids yeah good on you people supporting her then not seeing people what happend at the fire hide behind guards yeah at the moment people of this country are important she blamed Jeremy for Ira but she went with the dup well done for supporting
amo 28872
She's not been paying attention to brexit she's running through fields of wheat
jay gueva
brilliant!!!! LuvYa!
Jase Boon
This Man is Legend!! Give this man a THE DAILY SHOW format show!!! He is just like Jon Stewart!!
Sergiu Profiroiu
if she doesn't have time for t.v. appearances why the hell called this election?I organise a football game but I can't be bothered to show up
Keran Kerai
Rose Namajunas the Sacrifical Lamb
First time the independent actually posts something that's not communist
David Downey
this election was never about Brexit it was about May securing her position as tory leader and dismissing any leadership challenges and spent £150million of our money doing it we should bill her
what a beast
Mark Steel would be great at No. 10. He could replace Teresa May and Harry Kane at the same time.
The reason she wasn't on debates is because shes about as likeable as a deep sea angler fish in an SS uniform. Every time she opens her mouth she loses votes. The Conservatives should have won in a landslide but people just dont like Teresa May and neither do i tbh.
Paul J
She looks like she was ridden really hard about 40 yrs ago and put away wet.
Her advisers - Venetian bankers probably - told her to pull it
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General Election 2017 ‘Can’t Mark Steel: Whichever idiot 6 months ago   03:08

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