Discovering Engine Issue in my Salvaged First Time Taking The S14 Out In Months! 2 days ago   12:38

Tj Hunt
Things are not looking good...

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a low battery can make a car misfire, the fuel pump might not be getting full 12v with is another reason. And fuel being bad could be it, sometimes shit has to much water
bad O2 sensor?
Can you teach us how to make rice
Stock gap is around .53 why the fuck are you gapping that hight 😂😂😂😂😂
Jorky Gonzalez
Check your vacuum line I had a misfire issue from a broken T connector in the vacuum lines.
Kamen Tabakov
I don't understand how can I use the promo code in eManuals I can't se where can I enter it. When I checkout the sum is in full and there is no field to enter a promo code
patrick weraksa
where the video on how you gapped the spark plug i need to do that to my car lol i forgot how you did it
Andrue Rendon
I've been gone a while... Wheres Sabrina??
Skateing Arsonist
Go get a tune
craig chick kubisz
and ya wonder why these cars are stereotyped as girls cars........perfect example
Joe Smartballs
This car ain't worth $10,000. Can get a new 800hp one with zero miles for 40k. 😅
Octane Overdrive
Ok I literally just went through this exact same issue with my Volvo. (Ford and Volvo share parts)

Spent months chasing it and it ended up being my variable valve timing solenoids. I have a video about it on my channel.

Not saying that's what it is, but it might be worth looking in to.
Mason McGavock
You fucking pryed the spark plugs gap open with pliers and a screw driver, iridiums are fragile. Wtf were you thinking. No wonder it’s misfiring
Luis Ramos
U need to hit the gym
Juan Martinez
Calvin el nino😂😂😂
Liam Schwarz
Are you sure that was a stretch Calvin? Looked like a flex to me hahaha tank tops in the muscle car smh for the memes eh
Quinton Daniels
Dinotune the car
Quinton Daniels
Don’t blow it up man .
Quinton Daniels
Timothy Hubbard
Cal shaves his armpits
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First Time Taking The S14 Out In Months! Discovering Engine Issue in my Salvaged 2 days ago   14:16

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