Ancient GATEWAY Found inside 12 Unbelievable Ancient Wonders 2 days ago   10:26

On April 3rd 2016 I went on an exploration to find the Ancient GATEWAY high up on top of a mountain top in Sedona Arizona inside a very secluded cave. The journey was hard and lasted about 5 hours round trip without lowering my core temperature so it was not an easy hike but we got to our destination and found the GATEWAY which was located inside a huge cavern the size of a basketball court...

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Brother...I want to tell you...when you were showing that place while you were right there....I got this really BAD BAD Feeling & I became fearful for your well-being. I haven't experienced this in a very long time...I had to get away from this kind of stuff...I Am a Death Experiencer...Oct. '92....was in the hospital barely when I died...clinically dead for 14mins. I came back w/a lot....which has over loaded me. Many ppl want to bring others done...use them do nothing even to show gratitude. Sure you understand what I'm saying. The energy that is there....what I felt made me feel queezy and I immediately knew I would be hearing its effect on your stomach & health. I feared for your safety when you were up on the edges...30-35ft drop....I was afraid you were going to suddenly become weak n dizzy that would cause you to lose your balance & hold. Did you have any of those sensations while standing on the edges? Randy I can tell this is not a place for you to EVER venture alone & more so.....not at night. If I were to go to that very spot at night I would have "MANY PEOPLE" with me. You are correct about it being a portal....look into Missing 411 by David Paulesides before you do much more venturing into these places. I don't know so much about alien underground bases as I do know there are very extravagant military bases-cities beneath Sedona and other area's of Arizona. And PLZ PLZ PLZZZ DON'T EVER GO BY YOURSELF EVEN FOR A LITTLE WAYS. When you take a look at just one of David's Missing 411 vid's on youtube you will really understand the depth of seriousness I'm speaking in not doing those traverses alone...!!!!

And even if you go out w/one other person.....always let some other friend(s) know you are going out & where....and that you will call them the moment you get back so if they don'thear from you when they should be....they will know something isn't right & can get right on getting ppl searching. It will be your only real chance of not being listed on Missing 411.

I was very fortunate that my encounters at ancient sites were very positive ones & in great detail....blew the rangers away when I shared my experiences....I had no way of knowing about what I experienced b4 going w/the ranger & the tour group so no doubt everything was absolutely authentic. These doorways.....good reasons how n why an entire culture of ppl just vanished....some were good experiences.....some...well.....think I'd rather not say.

It was very beautiful there & looking out over the expanse was amazing. I thank you for sharing w;us and hope you recovered well from this experience. Would you mind letting me know if you did or...if you seem to have some lasting effects. I've known ppl to have the latter and tends to be more common than ppl realize just becuz they really didn't have any idea about the depth(s) that their venturing was truly about. So plz do reply, Randy.. I wish you the best and appreciate sharing your video w/us, Brutha. You can find me on face book HigherWaysWoman....aka Kathryn Dawn Masters
bence6 b
I love the rocky bit at the end
This cunts cooked
Drake Reed
My perception of Sedona is thst it has been loved to death, as has most of the Sonorian Desert. Those who went there fleeing whatever, brought there urbanized trappings and ignorance with them. This once spectacular place has been bought-out by the greasy buck. Mercedes, condos and pathetic rich white people convinced that crystals are speaking to them. I do not discount true wilderness spirituality, but it no longer exists in the Disneyfied Sonorian landscape. It has been replaced by make believe bullshit, real estate agents and fuckng upscale restaurants. I am sincerely sorry, Randy. I don't doubt that you are a well-intended gentleman and a nice guy, but you are full of shit. What you are seeking is going to be a whole lot further than a few miles from your car.
Drake Reed
Please someone - anyone, protect Mother Earth from urbanized white boys. Randy needs to take a geology class. This is total bullshit.
mike hardwick
Your moving the camera too fast slow down
Raymond Nicholas
I agree with EVERY realistic comment below !- more ridiculous than Monty Python sketch - at the VERY least viewers wanted to see Randy entering the portal and coming back out with a Cosmic burger and star cut fries - what a waste of viewing time !!
M.N. R
Anax of Rhodes
Dear Internet Diary,

It is Day 485. I continue my circuitous navigation through the labyrinthine corridors of the Weird Side of YouTube. Today I chanced upon an individual who had convinced himself the shrinking shapes of a sandstone cave proved a Stargate exists in the middle of the desert. He must have rented the Mercedes-Benz the video started up with; no vehicle survives the Arizona desert that clean. In his infinite wisdom, the man trekked intrepidly over very rocky terrain.

In the Arizona desert.
Wearing a black shirt.
Without a hat.
Boasting unsuitable shoes.
Carrying no water.
And a body unfit for heavy exercise.

Truly exceptional.

I hope and pray that, one day, this poor individual learns the concept of natural erosion, and basic hiking safety. Just... just basic, freaking stuff. Like "TAKE WATER, YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T." The lunacy of Sedona, Arizona, must affect people far more detrimentally than originally posited. I must avoid that portion of this state at all costs.

I must move on. I've spotted a Top 5 Biggest Trees recommendation, as well as a laundry list of ways 1800s people survived their winters. With luck, I will encounter some sense, some wisdom, some intelligence worth watching.

Until tomorrow, Internet Diary....
Gabrielle Mueske
What a dumb ass!
Edo Flo
I played in that cave. We carved those circles you fool. as for the gateway, that's where we crapped. You dumbass fool.
Dakota Wapotish
Honestly if you believe this crap fuck you...
Larry Morgan
So, how do you activate this "gateway"?
Lulubelle Pitts
Stargate was discovered on channel 13 way before this.
Barney Rubble
You need to learn how to pan with the camera. I get dizzy watching this.
Kalisa Maes
at 4:00 if you look to your upper left you can see what looks like a Giant with a bulbous head petrified in the rocks like Most giants now a days. When things are too small people will most likely see it but it works the other way too, when things are too Big most will not see it unless someone or something points it out to you but even then most will not believe. For there were Giants in thoughs days...
Palomar Jones
Well, there's 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back, just to be shown win-eroded sandstone. Arches is much more beautiful and easier to get to. But, this IS Sedona, so, it'a all about vortexes and other new age religious crap.
Daniel McCurry
And I thought the psiadelec drugs were good in the 60's-70's! I think that oversized jack _ _ _ promoting this video couldn't go a mile, let alone several in that terrain! Just a thought.
Kim Collins Whistler
wind carved that 'gateway ' 😀
Denise Allison Stout
Now I'm going to have to drive to Sedona to check this out...
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12 Unbelievable Ancient Wonders Ancient GATEWAY Found inside 2 days ago   08:45

From Machu Pichu an amazing work of architecture to the mysterious caveman buildings in the mountains of Russia.

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6. Stonehenge
One of the most well-known ancient mysteries is the monument of Stonehenge, located in the English county of Wiltshire. This is built in a circle using extremely large rocks standing up vertically and is believed to have been built about 2500 BC. One of the biggest rocks found at this site is about 30 feet tall and weighs about 25 tons. What’s truly strange about this is, the closest place they could have gotten the stone from was a quarry about 20 miles away to the north. People at this time, considered the land to be sacred due to fact the abundance of game meat available here. Many theories are out there trying to explain why it was constructed and acted as a symbol of unification, while others believe it was a religious site. Some claim it was built with ball bearings like you see in this photo.

5. Gobekli Tepe
Archaeologists came across a startling discovery six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in southeastern Turkey when they dug up massive carved stones believed to be 11 thousand years old. These were made when mankind had yet to develop metal tools or even pottery. The Smithsonian questions whether or not it’s the world’s oldest temple. It predates stonehenge by about 6,000 years. This location would have been a Mecca for hunters and gatherers at that time, centuries before farming was developed. As they dug deeper, they realized it was arranged in a circle, made of limestone blocks. Using only flint tools workers shaped the stone into pillars before moving them a few hundred yards to the site of the temple.

4.Easter Island
Many of us think of Easter Island and a tiny little place in the Pacific off the coast of Chile with mysterious heads sticking out from the ground. You have never known that these mysterious wonders get even more mysterious. These were constructed around the years 1250-1500 BC, by people of Polynesian ancestry. Recent discoveries like you see in this photo, prove that these actually have bodies attached to their heads! As people began to dig deeper, they uncovered that the statues fo much deeper than previously thought. They’ve also exposed carvings on their backs and their meanings have yet to be uncovered. Some believe it represents the traditional tribal of their culture.

3. Bosnian Pyramid
Many wouldn’t come to Bosnia and expect to see a pyramid. It’s possibly that because it wasn’t discovered until 2005. If the claims are real, the Bosnian Pyramid would be 25000 years old and the oldest pyramid ever built. Archaeologists are extremely skeptical of this because it defies accepted history. If you take a close look at it, it truly takes the form of a man made structure. Many want these extraordinary claims to be backed up by extraordinary evidence before it is accepted among the archaeology community. If it is real, it does deserve a place on our list. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comment section. Were there advanced civilizations in this area that we didn’t know of?

2. Machu Picchu
This is an incredible work of architecture in the middle of the Andes Mountains and shows what kind of feats the Inca Civilization was capable of. There are a few reasons archaeologists believe it was built. Some claim it was a ceremonial site, a military stronghold or even getaway for the ruling elite. Despite not having advanced warfare technology like some of their foes, they still excelled in knowledge pertaining to agriculture, architecture and astronomy. Many of these well crafted stones cannot even be penetrated with a knife, proving how well the stones fit together.

1.Great Pyramids of Giza
There is no other wonder of the ancient world quite as mysterious as the ancient pyramids of Giza. No other monument has created so much intrigue other that these feats of engineering that we still couldn’t reproduce to this day. It’s estimated that there’s a total of 2.3 million limestone blocks that weigh at least 2-30 tons each and is precisely aligned with the constellation of orion. The paste used to combine the stones is from an unknown origin and even with all our technology, we cannot reproduce it’s chemical compound. It remained the world's tallest building for 3,800 years and each side is the same length within 10th’s of an inch. All of this was supposedly constructed without the technology of the the wheel or without metal tool. The quarry used to get the stones was at least 500 miles from the location of Giza. It almost appears as though humans could not have succeeded in completing these structures without help from out of this world.