Ancient GATEWAY Found inside Found Little Girl Deep 2 days ago   10:27

On April 3rd 2016 I went on an exploration to find the Ancient GATEWAY high up on top of a mountain top in Sedona Arizona inside a very secluded cave. The journey was hard and lasted about 5 hours round trip without lowering my core temperature so it was not an easy hike but we got to our destination and found the GATEWAY which was located inside a huge cavern the size of a basketball court...

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Brother...I want to tell you...when you were showing that place while you were right there....I got this really BAD BAD Feeling & I became fearful for your well-being. I haven't experienced this in a very long time...I had to get away from this kind of stuff...I Am a Death Experiencer...Oct. '92....was in the hospital barely when I died...clinically dead for 14mins. I came back w/a lot....which has over loaded me. Many ppl want to bring others done...use them do nothing even to show gratitude. Sure you understand what I'm saying. The energy that is there....what I felt made me feel queezy and I immediately knew I would be hearing its effect on your stomach & health. I feared for your safety when you were up on the edges...30-35ft drop....I was afraid you were going to suddenly become weak n dizzy that would cause you to lose your balance & hold. Did you have any of those sensations while standing on the edges? Randy I can tell this is not a place for you to EVER venture alone & more so.....not at night. If I were to go to that very spot at night I would have "MANY PEOPLE" with me. You are correct about it being a portal....look into Missing 411 by David Paulesides before you do much more venturing into these places. I don't know so much about alien underground bases as I do know there are very extravagant military bases-cities beneath Sedona and other area's of Arizona. And PLZ PLZ PLZZZ DON'T EVER GO BY YOURSELF EVEN FOR A LITTLE WAYS. When you take a look at just one of David's Missing 411 vid's on youtube you will really understand the depth of seriousness I'm speaking in not doing those traverses alone...!!!!

And even if you go out w/one other person.....always let some other friend(s) know you are going out & where....and that you will call them the moment you get back so if they don'thear from you when they should be....they will know something isn't right & can get right on getting ppl searching. It will be your only real chance of not being listed on Missing 411.

I was very fortunate that my encounters at ancient sites were very positive ones & in great detail....blew the rangers away when I shared my experiences....I had no way of knowing about what I experienced b4 going w/the ranger & the tour group so no doubt everything was absolutely authentic. These doorways.....good reasons how n why an entire culture of ppl just vanished....some were good experiences.....some...well.....think I'd rather not say.

It was very beautiful there & looking out over the expanse was amazing. I thank you for sharing w;us and hope you recovered well from this experience. Would you mind letting me know if you did or...if you seem to have some lasting effects. I've known ppl to have the latter and tends to be more common than ppl realize just becuz they really didn't have any idea about the depth(s) that their venturing was truly about. So plz do reply, Randy.. I wish you the best and appreciate sharing your video w/us, Brutha. You can find me on face book HigherWaysWoman....aka Kathryn Dawn Masters
Grant Rodgers
I think if you commit to growing out your hair maybe 3 to 4 more'll cover up that bald spot bro.....I barely noticed it now....just imagine what it would be like after more length........INVISIBLE!!
Janis Dolan
Fancy going up mountains with no water or supplies. Reckless.
the myth hunter
Seriously, how ignorant are some of you? Bullying people about their weight? Stop attacking people personally about how they look, it's really disgusting!!
wish you had gone in.
J.L. Kendall
Dude was so excited about the Stargate he ran all the way to the top 😂
Randy, where exactly is this place, Wilson Mountain? Cathedral Rock?
Brian Cook
Someone has been eating a bit to much sarora cactus (Gate Way ) ha no that pretty cool
Quite honestly Randy, if you don't lose some serious weight, and remove the strain that weight puts on your heart, you "WILL" die making one of these silly videos of you, over exerting yourself. You seem like a person that others will be very devastated to be without, so think about what you owe those people emotionally for being involved in their lives in the first place. Live a long life Randy.
Joe Danna
You have extreme ba... Hope you go treking with multiple people. Sedona is full of giants greys and reps. Be safe brother. The dimensional gates do exist there. You will be walking and dissappear with a blink.
Jeni Matin
Lol! Yeah guys. Mother nature took the time and went to a lot of trouble to make all that so appreciate!!
Jay See
Wear a mic, deal with your hair, cut the music until the right times.
James Nobilio
Tom Horn also speaks about how the natives report seeing entities there as well. Definitely interdimensional phenomena happening there.
C Croft
Cudo to you for climbing in the desert would make a kool house!
Ludo Galbats
Give us the confirmation of your sayings and prove functioning of this gate.
If not, take a colt and blow up your brain. Bang!!
Is it on Wilson Mountain? Cathedral Rock? Where is it relative to Bell Rock, north, west, east or south of Bell Rock?
Paul Bredin
Gateway? really? its a rock formation..
Pierre Riche Art
Beautifull amazing rock structures. Thanks for sharing. Nobody carved that and all the dimmentions talk is a stretch of the imagination. The face and beings carved into the rock part is rubbish as well but I'm glad you filmed your excursion so I could see that awesome place.
Flowerpot b
I love the rocky bit at the end
This cunts cooked
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Found Little Girl Deep Ancient GATEWAY Found inside 2 days ago   10:41

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