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Join Click as we watch all our old, cringy videos that started us on our YouTube journey!

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Oh Boy097
Omg lazar beam
Has anyone seen the click advertisement.
I'm Person
15:48 you could see the fear in Lannan's eyes 😂
Na naí hatrz !!
Is bazza and cray gay
Fortnite Games
Cut his beard
l 21Pulse l
Leaves like if you are watching in 2020
Sam Bautista
what shoes is Lana wearing
Adam P.
Paula Byrne
Lazarbeam is so cringe
ẞLaG Gaming
Everyone notice clash with cam at 11:50 on akinator
Antonis Karagitsis
Like a 12 year old kid born with a mustache 5:27
Gracie Smith
Has anyone seen that
Lannan & Elliot are wearing black
Cray & bazza are wearing white
and Lufu & Marcus are wearing camoflage ?
PokemonTCG Lover
Cray used to look like bizzle and lannan looks like vorween
Marcus got that 💯Thieves murch
Rocket docket
10:30 all 12 year olds:
here you go
My old videos sounded like i had stage 21 cancer
Give Cray a monocle and play fortnite monopoly that'll be an epic meme
FluffyMewtube - Gaming And More
I was here when u guys were at 15k subs
Anyone notice Marcus and Loserfruit wearing the same sweater?
EDIT:Like if you noticed it
Night Ninja
There is halo on pc I have it on my USB
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click here to bring back CLICK REACTS TO THEIR OLD VIDEOS! 1 day ago   10:26

code "creamy" in the fortnite battle royale item store

click here to bring back old fortnite

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