A Dog Imitating A Crying Baby (Hilarious TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their 1 day ago   01:11

Mohamed Shabaka
One Of The Most Hilarious Clips I Came Through , Look At This Dog Imitating A Crying Young Baby Trying To Make Him Calm Down And Stop Crying , The Trick By The Dog Found Its Way To Keep The Baby Quiet . lol

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Ben EyBoo
Love this clip. Dog is so cute and smart. Thanks for sharing something so enjoyable
Janek Ge
Lol hahaha fail!!!!
Megan Fiorilla
HAHAH the babys all like I'm upset so... Wait .. Wut?
Robert Matthews
MMMMM,,, yep,,. Ok,,,, have a good one.
Robert Matthews
MMMMM,,,, yep... Ok,,, have a good one.
Robert Matthews
Uh ooh,, Here we go..I see from a look your page you're in the sheeple heard. Ok,, Do us all a favor, next time you get really sick, don't go to doctors. They work via 'main stream science' and it doesn't know everything. It works on arbitrary and simple evolutionary assumptions.Just keep praying, something in the sky will heal the cancer, or what ever your ailment. Science is man trying to explain god's great wonders..And we'll never be able to do that. And the sun goes around the earth too.
Robert Matthews
No miki, I'm not insinuating, I'm telling you, 1: your concern is unwarranted, you don't know why the baby stopped crying. You probably could have jingled some keys in it's face and it would've stopped crying. A pacifier would do it. 2: I'm telling you the howl is a response to what the dog thinks is a howl by the baby. It means "here I am". That's what that means... OK.? That's what dogs do to say "I'm here" ,, they howl. Got it?
Robert Matthews
Yes, but a dog howls like that to say "I HEAR YOU,,(other dog howling), HERE I AM" ... There are documentaries on it, check one out sometime. But no,, the baby is obviously not distressed, sad, angry, etc. If it were, the dog wouldn't be howling, it would be licking the baby's face, perhaps whimpering. That's what they do to friends that are hurt. If there is a wound it licks the wound. The dog is howling. That just means 'here I am'.
Robert Matthews
Ha ha,, naaa, Dog is like: YOU THINK YOU CAN SING,,, CHECK THIS OUT!
Only to be shown up again by dog... Jealousy is an ugly thing..
Robert Matthews
Notice how the baby stopped crying when the dog howled? What does that tell you. Oh what the hell miki, your right. Lets have that poor baby taken and put in a foster home. (for crying out loud,,, just shut up)
Robert Matthews
MMM,, no. The dog howling is a form of communication that goes back to their wolf ancestry. It thinks the baby is howling so it's answering. That's what they do. The baby is probably just bored. Truly was right. The baby is fine, chill out miki.
what a weird looking dog
They are understanding each other xD
John cooper
Doby is that you ?????
Stephanie Casper
Yay, glad someone else watches jenna marbles :D
andrew kay
that's the sound i make when i sit down on a bike wrong
Oh God, another war of opinions among self-proclaimed experts, why if I had a nickel for every...!

Listen, the baby's pajamas aren't on fire and he hasn't fallen down a well, he's not in immediate danger and he won't eventually die from exposure. His daddy is filming a funny little scene he thought we'd all ENJOY, not to document a legal case against himself for the local CPS.

Don't criticize, try to educate or impress us with your wonderful knowledge. Enjoy it or change the channel.
Josh Varughese
mikilavush said the right answer. What a smart dog!
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TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their A Dog Imitating A Crying Baby (Hilarious 1 day ago   06:48

TRY NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time - Part II. AMAZING video.
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