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A video showing the history, engineering and services of the US Army Corps of Engineers Mat Sinking Unit.

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i Love Cops
I likes the USACEs and their barges.
Shane Marcotte
The Corp of Engineers wont open the Morganza's ridiculous and I wonder why?????? politicians camps in the spill way??? the Mississippi has been full capacity to the tops of the levees here at Baton Rouge. I wish someone could give me a good reason why they wont open the Morganza............
uncle jj 13er
Clearing out sediment so that the channel can handle as much flow volume is also a monumental task...hopefully the Corps is also keeping up on that end...good luck in the coming months...we're counting on you!!
Good video. Though taming the river has it's own consequences. Mainly downstream in Louisiana. It chokes off some large sections of marshlands. Which act as a natural flood control . But as with anything in life its give and take.
tim mayer
Excellent video
thomas gordin
yeah concrete boots martin aka nathan hot dog
Very very interesting. I work in river maintenance & flood defense in the UK and we have nothing like on this scale.
Judith Rhice
The Mississippi River has a mind of its own. This river was used to bring slaves to America and it is believed that man will never be able to control it. It is believed that the leeves were bombed doing Katrina by the military. Many believe that by the river being bombed to destroy the black community, the river is finally retaliating against America. I am not saying I believe this but this is what many believe.
Several years ago it was said that the River was trying to divert west in Louisiana  and bypass New Orleans, at the time they weren't sure if it could be stopped.  Are there any updates on this issue?
Great video – Does the Army Corps have a revetment plan for the Sacramento River and its tributaries?
Roger Richards
lmao. u cant manage the great Mississippi. she does what she wants to.
Kulsoom Murtaza
Jerry Eastman
cool video! very informative and easy to understand!
Jeffrey Bull
COOL Gives me hope.
Nathan Jones
Good to see how sand and gravel operations contribute to this project.  They hardly let us out of the pit to visit customers.
Sediment Diversion's fundamental flaw-
Articulated Concrete Revetment
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