MONEY IN CAR FREESTYLE ORIGINAL Uber driver Raps FAST 2 days ago   01:48


I wasn’t gone do it, I was gone chill but too many saying that they sauce gone spill, see I’m from the H where the sauce be real, walk with the sauce sauce walka no grill, no curse words any you can hear every word, fly as a bird is the word you look hurt, I’m gone drip like a squirt, drip and make mud in the dirt...what’s yo is all that I heard Money money money okkkur...nothing for the earth, every day using earth, all money comes from the earth church...cut the trees cut the trees down pour the concrete on the streets now, now the grass is just weeds now, and I don’t ever see leaves now, all I ever see is weaves now, butt cheeks and bad b’s gardening to be found ...but you in the garden watching rebounds...I don’t wanna hear it anymore I dont wanna see it anymore, when my city is poor, but you throwing 50’s on the floor, then quick to buy henny from the store, this is for sure y’all ain’t gotta worry bot me y’all ain’t worry bot Lay no big capping, just big fact when I’m rapping like I can’t see what’s happening, sponge I’m like a napkin.. I’m up early you napping...tired of hearing boys that trapping...crack ain’t gotta that for a buck, it’s a trap and you gone get stuck, enough is enough, yeah I know you real real tough... but you just gone be dead or in cuffs..ya head pick it you can see real dripper, yeah you can see a real dripper, real hair flipper, fresh toes done in the slippers, wait till ya girl get bigger, I’m a get sicker, but I want go to the nurse, I’m just go in my purse, pull out a verse, in the front of the class I’m first even teacher can’t check my work, bite down like I’m teething, yeah come thru and drip for no reason yeah come thru and drip like I’m bleeding yeah grown ups and kids get this beating yeah... I’m crazy I’m loco yeah you in danger pala groso yeah no chicken no pollo yeah where my chicas and cholos yeah

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Uber driver Raps FAST MONEY IN CAR FREESTYLE ORIGINAL 2 days ago   04:43

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Coby Persin

Produced By Jay-t (James Mullally)


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If you see this comment "Uncle Rez Is The Goat" LOL